What Are the Occupiers Really Thinking?

They don’t know it, but Occupy Wall Street craves more capitalism, not less. Listen to my views on the subject in this podcast:

Monica Perez OWS

And if you really want to have some fun, watch this video (there’s a clip from this in the podcast above, but here’s the full rant).

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One Response to What Are the Occupiers Really Thinking?

  1. austrogirl says:

    I just listened to your OWS podcast, which I very much enjoyed. I also listened to the YouTube clip of the lady who didn’t want to work (join the club!). I had some sympathy for her, but I couldn’t understand what she meant by saying she’d like to move to Africa but can’t because it takes money to get there. I thought “It’s only about $1000 to get there, so it’s quite feasible for you to make your dream come true. I’m sure YouTube people would chip in for the air fare; I know I would chip in.” I’m sure if she gave it a little thought, though, she’d realize that moving to Africa would not make her happy since she’d have to get a job there or till the earth for her daily sustenance. I suspect that most Africans would change places with her in a NY minute.

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