Where Does Eric Holder Get Off?

I have been fascinated by the grotesque disregard for human life the ATF showed in executing Operation Fast & Furious, and am further amazed that this is not blowing up like Iran-Contra. I read the Wall Street Journal cover to cover each day and rarely see even a mention of this shocking scandal. What’s worse is the self-righteous arrogance with which Attorney General Eric Holder treats Congress–it’s downright shocking! The media has the power to expose this sick operation but simply is not making it a top story. The Watergate scandal was fully revealed before the 1972 election and Richard Nixon still won in a landslide–the people just didn’t care–but the media wouldn’t let it go and ultimately Nixon resigned. The media has the power to move this thing into the spotlight and expose the murderous methods of law enforcement in prosecuting the Drug War. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s some reason even those on the right don’t want the lid fully blown off this thing. Or maybe they are just waiting until they have all the evidence they need–or perhaps until the election is closer on the horizon. I don’t know, but Congress and the media need to turn over every rock in this investigation until it’s clear what the DOJ, the ATF, the DEA and the rest of them are up to.

Here is the latest video of Eric Holder mouthing off to Congress:

Eric Holder treats Congress with contempt (again)

Here is Greta Van Susteren interviewing Congressman Darrell Issa, the man leading the charge on the Operation Fast & Furious investigation.

Greta Van Susteren interviews Congressman Darrell Issa on Operation Fast and Furious

For the full horrible story, listen to my podcast from November–shockingly, the investigation hasn’t progressed much since then!

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2 Responses to Where Does Eric Holder Get Off?

  1. Frances Rossi says:

    Thank you, Monica, for your refusal to back down on coverage of this egregious abuse of power by the current ‘transparent’ Administration. The contrived outrage by Eric Holder regarding his disrespectful treatment during Congressional questioning is a calculated effort to distract from the despicable (and murderous) events that he, himself, and the Obama camp put into motion. Sadly, he has been quite successful in his bid to keep the focus on his perceived slights by the Senators and other trivial matters and not on the fatal consequences of his operation. I think the innocent Mexican citizens, victims of the killers armed by weapons that we Americans unwittingly supplied through our taxes, have been slighted far worse than the healthy and safe Mr. Holder. The tragic deaths of the Border Patrol Agents also are results of Operation Fast and Furious.

    Keep on digging!

    • austrogirl says:

      Thank you for your comment and for bringing up the innocent Mexican citizens who have died. Almost all the coverage has been about the deaths of two US agents and almost no mention of the hundreds of Mexicans who have died at the wrong end of these guns. People decry racism in this country for the slightest cause, yet valuing American lives over Mexican lives at the ratio of hundreds to one goes totally unremarked. When I read about this story I alternate between grief over the deaths and rage over the injustices. Perhaps there’s hope at least for justice in the end–as Holder admitted recently, “more will die.”

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