Wesley Clark, Leon Panetta & Meir Dagan: On & About This Week’s Show

On the show this week, I talked about why Iran is in the crosshairs. I played some interesting clips of General Wesley Clark laying it all out during the Bush years (of course he sings a different tune now that his side is in the White House–that’s interesting too!)

Here are the clips of Wesley Clark. The first one is him telling about Bush & Co. plotting to reshape the world, while the second clip has him spinning a different yarn for his teammate Obama.

This is the current clip of Clark excusing Obama’s march to war as reflecting lessons learned from Iraq. The whole clip is good, but my favorite part is the minute starting about 9 minutes 30 seconds into the clip.

In addition, I mentioned Defense Secretary Leon Panetta telling Congress that the President decides when and where we use the military and Congress will just have to take it as it comes. I didn’t get a chance to play this video on the air, so here it is:

Finally, if you are concerned about all that you are reading regarding Iran’s nuclear program, this article provides a counterpoint: Preparing Minds for an Israeli Attack on Iran. There’s LOTS more on this. Check out my featured foreign policy links on “Libertarian Links” above.

And also see this video of former Mossad chief, Meir Dagan, on 60 minutes telling the world there’s no hurry to bomb Iran:

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One Response to Wesley Clark, Leon Panetta & Meir Dagan: On & About This Week’s Show

  1. mammalboy says:

    good stuff!

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