Social Engineering, Brainwashing and Dumbing Us Down: On & About This Week’s Show

This week I talked about the real purpose and effect of schooling our children. I talked about the idea that crony capitalists and the government made a conscious choice over a hundred years ago to try to tame the American citizenry to be good corporate citizens. There is much evidence to support this and I had at least three informed callers who offered their knowledge confirming this. The best source for both understanding the origins and purpose of the current system as well as insight into what real education is all about is John Taylor Gatto. I am reading Dumbing Us Down right now and also highly recommend The Ultimate History Lesson, a five hour interview with Gatto that is worth every second of your time.

The Police State Cometh:

I mentioned this story on the air last night. A man had his door broken open by a SWAT team sent by the Department of Education! Here’s a link to the story and the video: SWAT Team Breaks Down Door. I highly recommend the video–the guy really brings the story to life!

Clips from the show:

I played two clips on the show last night. One was me agreeing (somewhat anyway!) with Rick Santorum–a first and probably a last…The second is of Eric Holder, then US Attorney, now Attorney General, explaining how he uses the schools to brainwash the kids.

Also on the show, I referred to a Council on Foreign Relations study on how American schools are failing their NATIONAL SECURITY DUTIES! I can’t take it anymore! We are now openly sending our kids to school to serve the state. Here’s an article about that: US Education Very Grave Security Risk.

School Loan Bubble
I had a guest in the studio last night, my friend Jason Riddle. He was prepared to tell us about the looming student loan crisis and how that bubble bursting might affect our already fragile financial system. We had so many great calls that we just didn’t have time in the end to give this topic its due. Jason graciously agreed to post his insights and comments to his website,, so check there for his post on the subject, and on general libertarian and Austrian economics themes.

New Feature: The Paulbot Next Door
Next week I’m launching a new feature: The Paulbot Next Door. I have noticed how Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters are often labeled crazy or fringe by the mainstream media. That has not been my experience however, and I’d like to give the normal libertarians their say. If you are a normal person and also a libertarian, please leave me a voicemail or click on the Call Me tab above.

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One Response to Social Engineering, Brainwashing and Dumbing Us Down: On & About This Week’s Show

  1. Richard says:

    John Taylor Gato wrote a book, “Weapons of Mass Instruction,” that briefly explained the history of the American educational system. Back in the industrial age, the factory owners quickly determined that they needed more unskilled labor to work in the factories. They found that too many employees were independent thinkers and quickly bored for assembly line work. Together with Progressive politicians, they sought to take on the responsibility of education. They modeled our educational system after the Prussian educational system (which was one of the downfalls of the Prussian empire).

    That is why if you challenge an educator, which I tended to stir the pot in High School and college, you are labeled a trouble maker. I was held back from an advanced science class in High School due to embarassing a teacher on untrue statements. I was failed in college due to challenging a teacher (science again…go figure) who had no evidence to back up what she was teaching. There were also countless numbers of times that I was laughed at when presenting a fact based argument and told, “Well that’s not what your text book says.”

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