Documentary Review: SENNA

I normally don’t review documentaries that are not of a political or economic nature, but I felt I had to share my recommendation of the documentary Senna, the film was so good.

Ayrton Senna won 3 Formula One World Championships and gave Brazil a native son she could be proud of during some very tough times. Though I know nothing about Formula One racing and had very little interest in learning, I watched this documentary because it was so highly recommended, and I found that many of its themes were applicable far beyond sports. Continue reading…

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One Response to Documentary Review: SENNA

  1. Alex Mathews says:

    still remember watching him die almost 18 years ago in Sam Marino GP. It took me couple of years to get back to watching F1 😦

    His rivalry with the “The Professor” was unmatched and has never been repeated in sports. We miss him…….I miss watching him…….

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