Finally! Operation Fast & Furious Is Making the Headlines!

I have been saying since October that Operation Fast & Furious was Obama’s Iran-Contra and have been speculating as to why it was not front page news every day. Finally it is front page news as Attorney General Eric Holder is cited for contempt of Congress even after President Obama tried to shield him behind a claim of executive privilege, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As I have reported before, this thing is NOT “a botched sting operation” as the media is reporting–it’s much bigger and more sinister than that and, in my opinion, if the truth comes out it could be the end of Obama. Check out my past coverage of Operation Fast & Furious here and listen to the show this Sunday from 1pm-3pm ET on 750AM, 95.5FM (in Atlanta) or streaming on-line right here.

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One Response to Finally! Operation Fast & Furious Is Making the Headlines!

  1. Justin says:

    I saw the John Stewart show the other day cover this issue. The problem I have with this story is that to me there is no difference between this and us selling arms to Bahrain or any other oppressive to bit dictator except no political leader seems to care about that because they are a government and as such legit while cartel members are bad huh. And what is worse is the righteous display we get from republicans (although its enjoyable to see Obama admin get hammered for something) because their vitriol is simply self serving and not based on any core principles. The will do the same thing when in office as you pointed out. disgusting.

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