Ron Paul on Jay Leno September 4, 2012

Would it be disrespectful of me to say that Ron Paul gets more adorable all the time? I’m beginning to agree with my 83-year-old mother who says, “That Ron Paul – He’s a cutie!”

And speaking of cute, I found this video of a backstage interview after Ron Paul’s Leno appearance in December. Enjoy…

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3 Responses to Ron Paul on Jay Leno September 4, 2012

  1. Christa says:

    Gotta love him!!!

  2. valenteusa says:

    Hahaha! Ron Paul is all American classy! The comedian imitated him, and Paul, in humble fashion, laughed along with the joke.
    I love how they asked him the questions from Twitter, and he answered each question honestly in a constitutionally sound way. He was the only candidate running for president this term that America could have actually trusted. It’s definitely our loss as a nation.

  3. mary patten says:

    Yes, he’s totally adorable! (I can’t believe I’m saying this about a septuagenarian.) And always so adroit with his answers. So smart, yet simple and humble at the same time. I agree with valenteusa — it’s a big loss for us as a nation. However, Ron Paul may be satisfied that he’s laid the groundwork for a future of true freedom, whenever that comes to be.

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