2013 Highlights in Sound: Podcast of December 29, 2013 Show

Hour 1

Hour 2

I think this is the Pat Buchanan book a caller recommended.

Or maybe it was these two…

Here are some of the articles I referred to…

Continuing Appropriations Resolutions Subvert Limited Government

How the Shutdown Europeanized the US Constitution and How to Restore It

How Scared of Terrorism Should We Be?

Donald Sachtleben article

more on Sachtleben: http://www.indianapolismonthly.com/news-opinion/explosive-charges-the-donald-sachtleben-case/

Joe Nacchio article

Here are the clips I played…

James Clapper 5:53 to 6:17
Dianne Feinstein & Mike Rogers 6:23 to 6:49

Lindsay Graham 1:00-end

General Alexander 0:00 to 0:15

Eric Holder 0:23-0:37

John Boehner 0:57 to 1:15

Peter King 1:30 to 2:04

Rand Paul 1:59-2:20

PS The puppy has been officially nicknamed “Maggie” – short for Sugar Magnolia 🙂

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