2013 Podcasts

2013 Highlights in Sound: Podcast of December 29, 2013 Show

The Surveillance Year in Review: Podcast of December 26, 2013 Show

Happy Birthday! Now Die. Podcast of December 22, 2013 Show

Minimum Wage, the Big Picture: Podcast of December 17, 2013 Show

A Nation of Workers, Not Thinkers: Podcast of December 16, 2013 Show

Pearl Harbor: What Really Happened & Why It Still Matters. Podcast of December 8, 2013 Show

Kids, Media & Technology: Podcast of November 26, 2013 Show

CFR ==> CIA ==> JFK ==> Podcast of November 24, 2013 Show

The New Home of the Braves: Podcast of November 17, 2013 Show

Liberty & Morality: Podcast of November 3, 2013 Show

Let’s Play Kick the Can! Podcast of October 16, 2013 Show

No Truth, No Justice: Podcast of October 12, 2013 Show

I Really Do Dream of Building a Log Cabin! Podcast of October 11, 2013 Show

Obamacare Is a Hot Mess! Podcast of September 29, 2013, Show

The Case for Conspiracy at the Navy Yard: Podcast of September 21, 2013, Show

The First Victory For the Resistance! Podcast of September 15, 2013, Show

Excuse Me, Mr. Secretary, But What’s That on Your Shoe? Podcast of September 10, 2013, Show

We Must Bomb Syria to Save Syria, Part Deux: Podcast of September 8, 2013, Show

Libertarianism & Syria: Podcast of August 28, 2013, Show

We Must Bomb Syria to Save Syria: Podcast of August 27, 2013, Show

Islamo-Socialism v. Military Fascism: Do We Really Need To Take Sides? Podcast of August 18, 2013 Show

“How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love The NSA”: Podcast of August 11, 2013 Show

What Did Jefferson Say Would Leave Our Children Homeless? Podcast of July 28, 2013 Show

“Mother America Said To Stop Playing In One Hour” Podcast of July 21, 2013 Show

Nuclear Meltdown & TASS in Amerika: Podcast of July 19, 2013 Show

5, 4, 3, 2, 1: Bill of Rights Countdown! Podcast of July 7, 2013 Show

Bread & Circuses: Podcast of July 2, 2013 Show

The Largest Political Event in World History Is Happening Now! Podcast of July 1, 2013 Show

Psy-Ops: They’re Here, They’re Real – Deal With It! Podcast of June 30, 2013 Show

Syria is Serious! Podcast of June 23, 2013 Show

NSA Spying: Is Feinstein Right? Will the Leaks STRENGTHEN the NSA Program? Podcast of June 16, 2013 Show

NSA Spying: Whistleblower Revealed! Podcast of June 12, 2013 Show

NSA Spying: What are they really after? Total Information Awareness! Podcast of June 9, 2013 Show

Memorial Day Special: What Did They Die For? Podcast of May 27, 2013 Show

The DOJ Goes After the State Department: Podcast of May 26, 2013 Show

The IRS Scandal’s Got Legs: Podcast of May 19,2013, Show

Scandals Gone Wild! Podcast of May 17, 2013, Show

The Benghazi Scandal & The Syrian Civil War: Podcast of May 12, 2013 Show

Boston Bombings Don’t Add Up: Podcast of May 5, 2013, Show

The Boston Bombings: What Aren’t They Telling Us? Podcast of April 29, 2013, Show

First Impressions of the Boston Marathon Bombings: Podcast of April 21, 2013, Show

Collectivizing & Propagandizing Our Kids: Podcast of April 14, 2013 Show

Rainy Days & Tax Day Always Get Me Down. Podcast of April 7, 2013 Show

Crony Capitalism – How the Sausage Is Made: Podcast of March 24, 2013 Show

Church v State: Podcast of March 17, 2013 Show

Do You #StandWithRand? Podcast of March 10, 2013 Show

The Police State Is Brutal! Podcast of March 3, 2013 Show

Neo-Cons All! Podcast of February 24, 2013 Show

End the Drug War: Podcast of February 17, 2013 Show

Drone Program: Podcast of February 10, 2013 Show

Immigration Reform: Podcast of February 3, 2013 Show

Gun Control & The Surveillance State: January 20, 2013 Show

All Podcasts – 2013 to present

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