NSA Whistleblower William Binney in The Program, Ron Paul SNL Sketch & the Neo-Con Manifesto

Here is the short video called The Program that I mentioned on air. William Binney quit the NSA shortly after 9/11 when the US turned its spyware on its own citizens. Binney’s story dovetails with the Wired article on the huge Utah data center that has the capacity to hold 100 years of the world’s electronic communications: The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say). And lest you think this was a Bush-Cheney phenomenon, check out this article in The Wall Street Journal from just last month revealing that Obama and Eric Holder radically transformed how the federal government uses citizen data: U.S. Terrorism Agency to Tap a Vast Database of Citizens.

Here is the book I mentioned – once you read this, everything the Republicans do makes sense to you (and not in a good way!) I also included a couple of juicy quotes from this book in a three-part blogpost I wrote during the election season: Please Don’t Feed Me Neo-Con & Tell Me That It’s Liberty (Part 2) and Please Don’t Feed Me Neo-Con & Tell Me That It’s Liberty (Part 3).

And here’s that awesome SNL sketch about Ron Paul and the Republican primary candidates.

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