FOX News Accidentally Shows Evidence of Syrian REBELS Using Chemical Weapons

While talking about Assad’s chemical weapons yesterday, Fox News mistakenly showed footage I hadn’t seen on mainstream media before–it was footage released by the Syrian government that showed its soldiers finding a stash of chemical weapons and antidotes in a rebel hideout. The Fox footage below shows that the antidotes were made by a Qatari-German company, and of course the Qataris are supplying the rebels not the government. You can see the dirty containers on the chemicals, the cellophane covers tied on – definitely not government issue!

Be sure to watch the Fox News video, but also the video below that one, which shows the complete footage released by the Syrian government. This is just one piece of the wealth of compelling evidence that the rebels have used chemical weapons – so why aren’t we turning our Tomahawk Missiles on them?

Check out the original video released by the Syrian government…

And in case you think Fox is the only one who is mucking up the propaganda, check out this CNN footage of “Syrian Danny”!

Even Jon Stewart caught them at it!

UPDATE: Chemical Weapons Smuggled from Turkey into Syria in 2013

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6 Responses to FOX News Accidentally Shows Evidence of Syrian REBELS Using Chemical Weapons

  1. “Jane Akre and her husband Steve Wilson are former employees of Fox owned-and-operated station WTVT in Tampa, Florida. In 1997, they were fired from the station after refusing to knowingly include false information in their report concerning the Monsanto Company’s production of RBGH, a drug designed to make cows produce more milk.

    “The attorneys for Fox argued the First Amendment gives broadcasters the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports on the public airwaves.

    “In its six-page written decision, the Court of Appeals held that the Federal Communications Commission position against news distortion is only a “policy,” not a promulgated law, rule, or regulation.”

  2. gwest77 says:

    Monica, Did you really expect anyone to tell us the truth ? Our government just wants a reason to get into another war and stick their nose where it doesn’t belong.

  3. mary says:

    Good catch, Monica! Keep up the good work.

  4. Kathleen King says:

    Apparently YouTube has taken down all but the first video? Unfortunately, I am not surprised by the report or the fact that YouTube took down much of it.

    • austrogirl says:

      yeah, i saw that. the first one was one i recorded off my own TV – i should have uploaded and redownloaded the others but i have had so many smoking gun videos i never could get to them all…a real pity cause this was gold

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