Just added “sheep-dipped,” “truther” and “wedge issue” to my glossary…

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5 Responses to Just added “sheep-dipped,” “truther” and “wedge issue” to my glossary…

  1. Hugh says:

    I was curious how you would define the expression “wedge issue”. I essentially agree with your definition. But an expression used as a wedge issue could also be considered “red meat”. And by that, I mean used to motivate the base of a political party, for example. Coming to mind is the expression “Illegal Immigration”. A wedge issue for sure, but clear red meat for many…including ME, in a positive sense! I want our borders sealed, illegals deported, and a “time out” for legal immigration. That’s my shot across the bow, Monica, as we might well differ on that topic. I don’t worship diversity, believe in multiculturalism, etc., as the Libertarians do. Those concepts fly in the face of basic human nature…how we are hard wired with our DNA. But I really don’t know where you fall out, thus I’m not really intending to categorize you.

  2. austrogirl says:

    Also, brad, I think you should take another look at the article I wrote on immigration – I added a lot of additional information to elucidate my libertarian views on immigration and that the only reason they are not always and everywhere applicable in our society is a result of the unfree and unconstitutional system we are subject to. http://themonicaperezshow.com/2015/08/24/the-libertarian-immigration-conundrum/

    • radranaginn@att.net says:

      Protecting people from the consequences of freedom still makes them less free. I do not believe your imagined disasters will occur when freedom is increased.

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