2014 Podcasts

Top Ten PsyOps of 2014: Podcast of December 27, 2014 Show

Sony Hack PsyOp: Podcast of December 20, 2014 Show

Christmas Special (Warning: No Rabbit Hole!) Podcast of December 13, 2014 Show

Dying for a Cigarette: The Eric Garner Case. Podcast of December 6, 2014 Show

Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid! Ebola’s Gonna Get You! Podcast of October 25, 2014 Show

Does Anyone Else Smell Gas? Podcast of September 6, 2014 Show

There’s Only One Game: Podcast of September 1, 2014 Show

Iraq 3.0: Podcast of August 9, 2014 Show

Bringing Ebola to Atlanta – Bad Idea or No Big Deal? Podcast of August 2, 2014 Show

Monica Perez with Stefan Molyneux on Freedomain Radio (video)

MH17: MSM Rushes to Judgment: Podcast of July 19, 2014 Show

What Would Make YOU Leave AMERICA? Podcast of July 12, 2014 Show

Georgia Raids Gone Wild! Podcast of June 28, 2014 Show

Shia + Babylonia + Kurdistan = The States Formerly Known as Iraq: Podcast of June 21, 2014 Show

“Look HERE not there!” What’s really behind the Bergdahl swap? Podcast of June 14, 2014 Show

What’s at the bottom of the rabbit hole? The Report from Iron Mountain. Podcast of June 7, 2014 Show

The Snowden SnowJob…Anatomy of a PsyOp: Podcast of May 31, 2014 Show

Now THAT’s a “Pivot to Asia!” Podcast of May 24, 2014 Show

Beware the Warrens: Podcast of May 10, 2014 Show

Net Neutrality & the True Nature of the Internet: Podcast of May 3, 2014 Show

Double Header: Podcasts of April 25 & April 26 2014 Shows on Putin & Ukraine

The Bundy Standoff: A Worthy Cause? Podcast of April 19, 2014 Show

Ft Hood, MH370 & Putin’s Latest Shot: Podcast of April 5, 2014 Show

Georgia Gun Rights Law: Podcast of March 29, 2014 Show

Cracking the Code on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: Podcast of March 22, 2014 Show

Putin’s Place in the New World Order: Podcast of March 15, 2014 Show

Exposing the Shadow Government in the Ukraine (and the US?): Podcast of March 8, 2014 Show

Letting Go of the Two-Party Psy-Op: Podcast of February 22, 2014 Show

Immigration Reform Will Make the Real Problem Worse: Podcast of February 8, 2014 Show

SOTU 2014 & the Constitution in a Nutshell: Podcast of February 1, 2014 Show

Syria: Are We Playing Peacemaker . . . or Chess? Podcast of January 26, 2014, Show

“Trust Me…We Are US and There Is No ‘THEM.'” Podcast of January 18, 2014 Show

Of Cheerios & GMOs: January 12, 2014 Podcast

2014, A Libertarian Look Ahead: Podcast of January 5, 2014 Show

Legalize It, But Beware! Podcast of January 3, 2014 Show

All Podcasts 2014 to present

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