Of Cheerios & GMOs: January 12 Podcast

Hour 1
Hour 2

Here is the study of studies I referred to on the show.

Here is a widely criticized study that claims GMOs grow tumors on rats.

Here is Percy Schmeiser’s story.

Here is Monsanto’s defense to Percy Schmeiser.

Here is the Supreme Court case that ruled in Monsanto’s favor.

Here is the sordid tale of Rumsfeld, Monsanto & NutraSweet.

Here is the story of Epicyte’s spermicidal corn.

Here is the story of golden rice, a GMO miracle.

Here is a genetic science site I like affiliated with George Mason University.

Here is an article from reason magazine’s man on the case, Ronald Bailey.

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3 Responses to Of Cheerios & GMOs: January 12 Podcast

  1. wynn says:

    I only skimmed the article, but didn’t see the definition/description of what the researched called the ‘standard diet’. The only fair way to have done this study is to compare GMO corn to non-GMO corn…in fact, several types of non-GMO corn. WhY? One reason is that is has been proven in the US that diets for humans high in corn can lead to a certain vit. B deficiency. Back in the old days, before flour was enriched (by gov’t decree), the poor Southerner had a horrible vit.B (was it beriberi? I forget) deficiency. Also, I’ve read that the rural Mexican of old, who hand made their own corn tortillas, did so by rolling the dough in ashy lime which added calcium and/or potassium, which was otherwise deficient in their diet… from eating too much corn. I think the study missed steps.

  2. hugh says:

    I haven’t checked all your links yet, so will not comment on the GMO portion of your program other than to say I’m so pleased you covered it. I’m one of the folks who believe we are effectively being poisened, perhaps with “good intentions” as so often happens. But I do want to say that I loved your insights into Chris Christy. Totally on target, in my opinion!

  3. hugh says:

    I just watched a short video by a courageous young woman. Her U.S. Airforce job was an industrial hygenist. This is a rabbit hole I’ve been tangentially aware of for some time, but never focused on it. The subject is “Chemtrails”. And it ties in with this thread. This would be a great show for you Monica!! Here’s the link: Every American should view this clip!! And then act!!


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