Navy Yard Shooting Patsy Was Not Mentally Ill Says Medical Report – Press Determines, That Was a Lie

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

So the medical reports have been released for Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard Shooting patsy. For those of you who can remember past the 6 weeks that the establish figures is the average person’s limit, you will recall the stand-down order that kept a tactical team from entering the building just minutes after the mass casualty event began. You might also remember the various discrepancies relating to how and where the shooter was seen and killed.

All that aside, we were told that Aaron Alexis, a contractor working at the Navy Yard, went off one day for no apparent reason (as almost all of the American Gladio patsies did) and took a shotgun into the highly secured building and started killing off employees because he was “crazy”

Well, his medical reports don’t reflect that type of history. So, what does the complicit media do with that aspect…

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