Families of Victims of MH370 Smell a Rat

“You have seen from the scene today that the next of kin are united,” a family member declared as everyone in the audience walked out of a briefing about MH370 by Malaysian officials. “Chinese people are united. The facts which you have been concealing — or trying to conceal — will ultimately see the light of day. There will certainly be people who receive their due punishment as a result of this.”

These people smell a rat and so do a lot of other people. Here’s why: Cracking the Code on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Perhaps this is another fissure in the world of total top-down domination, the first being Putin leaking the phone call in which US Asst Secretary of State Victoria Nuland plotted with US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt to install a puppet government and a shadow government in the Ukraine BEFORE the protests that ousted the democratically elected president. For more on that see: Exposing the Shadow Government in the Ukraine (& the US?) and Putin’s Place in the New World Order.

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