Double Header: Podcasts of April 25 & April 26 Shows on Putin & Ukraine



I referred to these items on the show…
WSJ Perpetuates Falsehood
NYT Retraction
Operation Mockingbird

See also my previous posts and shows on these subjects…
Exposing the Shadow Government in the Ukraine (and the US?)
Putin’s Place in the New World Order
Crimea & Self-Determination: The First Principle of the Law of Nations
Manufacturing Advocacy

Check out the comments to this post:
Russia Today Must Watch

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5 Responses to Double Header: Podcasts of April 25 & April 26 Shows on Putin & Ukraine

  1. hugh says:

    I was out of town last week and missed your shows, but I so appreciate you making available your podcasts. In the meantime, as I wait for the time to listen to the podcasts, I’ll leave a most sincere and educational open letter to the American people from a Russian writer. Do please read…the perspective is very helpful.

  2. hugh says:

    Well, I’ve worked thru the five podcasts. What a treasurer trove! I noted a caller supporting Russia in the prior South Ossetia/Georgia confrontation and you indicated most here probably supported the US position. I hope more supported Russia than you may realize. I certainly supported Russia’s actions as did Pat Buchanan. Here’s a link to one of the numerous articles Pat wrote on the subject. I like this article as it picks up on “Kosovo” and relates to what we do today in Ukraine:

    In the third hour of your Saturday show you read Art’s comment. That comment had been earlier posted on another of your blog threads. I remember appreciating Art’s comment initially. As you know I am a Putin supporter, I would be interesting in Art’s reason(s) for not liking Putin, if he reads this post of mine.

  3. johndjasper says:

    Monica, I’m listening to the archives. Great discussion. It’s speaks to the effectiveness of the American media propaganda that one of your callers thinks that we have a free press and don’t have the ability to use propaganda!???? He probably still believes it even though you explained that it isn’t really a free press at all.

  4. austrogirl says:

    Yes, Rich said that if I remember correctly – and he’s a regular listener and a libertarian! He did qualify it a little bit, but yes, I think the propaganda has reached Iron Curtain proportions here. Can the Internet bring down the Information Cartel? (I’ll be talking about that tomorrow-if you comment on that I will try to read it on air 🙂

  5. charles from duluth says:

    While talking to a very smart 40 something year old Russian at my pool,I was given what the Russian side of the intervention was in South Ossetia. Putin sent army through mile long tunnel from North Ossetia, which is in Russia, into Georgias section of South Ossetia to stop Georgias army directed by their President Shaskavillis from shelling civilians. FYI, Joseph Stalin was South Ossetian, which sometime ago were Persian. The Russian people were shocked to hear Stalin speak for the first time on radio and discovered he was not RUSSIAN but South Ossetian.My friend also says, too many NAZIS in Kiev, who are persecuting Russians in east Ukraine.Is Putin using Hitlers excuse, to protect Germans in Sudetenland, to send troops into east Ukraine ?

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