On this week’s show…

I’m back from, among other things, visiting my ancestral homeland in western Ireland…you can’t tell by looking at me or by my name, but two of my grandparents emigrated to Brooklyn (that part you might have guessed!) from Ireland – I’m even a citizen of Ireland!

The trip was a great experience & getting my head out of the news for awhile got me thinking about more positive subjects, like the courage and hope that drove our forebears from their native lands to American shores. Of course many were driven to our shores out of sheer desperation and many others were brought here against their wills…we shall cover all the bases on this week’s show, including such questions as: What drove your ancestors here? What would drive you to leave here now? How grievous must injustice be, or perhaps voluntary migration is now a purely economic decision? Is there a hidden hand directing world migration patterns today?

My New York experience is obviously very different from the Atlanta experience. When I grew up, every single solitary kid in my grammar school class had grandparents who were born in another country – every one! Mostly Irish & Italian, but a few others too. You’ll have to fill me in on your perspectives – perhaps the immigrant experience here is more about Yankees than foreigners!

And of course there’s no comparing the immigration history of blacks and whites, but how much of that is truly responsible for the issues that come between us today and to what extent is racial tension in America a product of government policy, past and present?

I also want to touch on the bigger picture cultural changes that come from immigration and my thought that this is part of a larger plan to “normalize” the regions of the world for an easier integration into world government and a phasing out of national sovereignty. (And no, this is not a conspiracy theory, I have many references to prove the world government plan – for some examples, check out my new tab “Quotes” above.)

For a little “deep history” on the plan to change our culture so it can be integrated with others, check out this fascinating interview with Norman Dodd. Mr Dodd ran the research for the Congressional Reece Committee on Tax Exempt Foundations in 1952. He found that, beginning with the Carnegie Foundation, these institutions were in fact deliberately undermining the American culture in an effort to make it collective rather than individual and controlled rather than free. The whole interview is interesting, but if you just want the shockers, start with the 15 minutes that begin at around 18:45…

For excerpts of the Dodd Report to the Reece Committee, click here…if you wish to save time, just read the underlined passages.

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3 Responses to On this week’s show…

  1. Tony little says:

    Glad you’re back, next time run that vacation request with us listeners, smile.

    “I will stay in the race as long as you do”

  2. Tony little says:

    Edward Griffin hit a home run with this video, I encourage all to watch and listen.

    I will stay in the race as long as you do

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