Atlanta Libertarian Goes The Full Rothbard!

I met Rich Clarke at a Ron Paul event in 2012 when he was working hard to get Ron Paul votes in the Republican Presidential Primary. He has since gone The Full Rothbard (as reason‘s Katherine Mangu-Ward would say). He sent me this, his “coming out” video, and I enjoyed it immensely. I love that it’s unrehearsed, demonstrating Rich’s genuineness and depth of knowledge, and that, spontaneity notwithstanding, it’s a coherent narrative complete with everything from hardcore libertarian philosophy to inside-Georgia Republican politics (and even a walk in the woods!) I highly recommend a watch or a listen and look forward to Rich’s next installment.

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9 Responses to Atlanta Libertarian Goes The Full Rothbard!

  1. poguesheridan says:

    Please enlighten me as to just what the heck (cleaned it up) you’re referring to!

    • austrogirl says:

      From my glossary…The Full Rothbard:
      Many Libertarians are minarchists, which are akin to Classical Liberals, meaning they believe government should be limited to courts, police and national defense. Murray Rothbard claims that this can never happen because government, which is a monopoly, will never in practice limit itself, therefore government itself needs to be a function of competing institutions. Rothbard’s political philosophy is called anarcho-capitalism and arguments based on this theory go The Full Rothbard.

      • poguesheridan says:

        Competing Institutions? The U.S. and who?

      • poguesheridan says:

        When you say you’re an anarchist I get the impression that you’re not really an anarchist. I sense that you simply don’t want to play the game anymore, and that you have an agenda which you haven’t made public.
        I would like to know what that is. The way things are going, I’d probably like to join. My email is:
        That way it can be just you, me, and the N.S.A.

        • austrogirl says:

          If you’re going to accuse me of a hidden agenda I’m not going to answer you offline! LOL! I just did a video interview with Jeff Berwick which will be up in a few days – I talk about why I think the American Experiment was the only possible chance for self-limiting government – I think it will convince you that I am an anarcho-capitalist…nothing more or less – and for the record, i’m not just a plain anarchist – most anarchists seem to miss the fact that anarchy will be chaos if we don’t acknowledge the natural existence of property rights – property rights are self-evident and as we engage in economic activity institutions will arise that order society – no coercive monopoly state needed. check this out for a little more color…

  2. poguesheridan says:

    Oh. Thank you. I. C.

  3. poguesheridan says:

    Keep your powder dry.

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