The world is in flames, but are any of them hot enough to engulf US? On this week’s show…

In watching cable news today (not to get facts, mind you, just to find out where “they” want us to focus), there was news of crisis in Iraq, Syria, Israel, Libya, Afghanistan & Ukraine (and at one point a FOX News hostess actually said, “Don’t forget about Korea!” Korea????) To top it all off there were numerous stories to terrify us about ebola: African cities blockade themselves, CDC issues high alert, New York man tested for ebola, ebola dirty bomb feared….

Not one of those stories really has the power to change my world except one (unless ebola is going to be some kind of a false flag and not just a psyop, but I refuse to even contemplate that). That’s Ukraine. We could wade in or wade out anywhere else on the list, IMO, and it wouldn’t matter much to you and me, but we are waking the Bear in Ukraine and I’m not sure we can control that outcome. So the question is, Why are we doing this?

The possible answers include: to start a Cold War, to start a Hot War, for the bankers, for the MIC / defense companies, for the oil companies, to reshape American culture, to destroy the dollar or to  create a New World Order. These are my top candidates and I gotta say, I don’t like any one of them. Here are a few things that are not on my list: to stop megalomaniac Putin who is a menace to society, to make the world safe for democracy, to end corruption in Ukraine, for humanitarian reasons / because the Ukrainian people need us and deserve our help.

I will try to tick off my whys and why nots on these possibilities but I must also touch on the BIG POSSIBILITY: that it is perhaps no coincidence that the Arc of Crisis has been set aflame at the same time we are looking for trouble with Russia and China…i.e., to provoke THE BIG ONE. I can hardly get my mind around the possibility that complete maniacs are pulling the levers of power, but then I remind myself of what the American public was thinking and feeling a hundred years ago when the Great War started and again 75 years ago when World War II was in the offing.

Do you think this is even a remote possibility? Even if these guys are just bumbling their way to World War III, could these missteps have such dire consequences, or will cooler heads prevail in the end? The show is on tomorrow, Saturday, 3PM-6PM ET, on News 95-5 and AM750 WSB.


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