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I keep reading how the economy is getting back on track – housing prices are up, gas prices are down & interest rates remain low – but I’m not sure I’m feeling it, and in the WSJ today there was an article about how much worse off we are now than we were in 2007.

Basic Costs Squeeze Families

What do you think? Are you better off? Do you have as good a job now as you did then? Is it in your chosen profession?

Another article I read points out something I’ve known all along: Obama is no friend of the working class. That could help explain why under Obama’s watch the economic growth the numbers seem to indicate have mostly accrued to those who were already in positions of money and power. Of course, I don’t think any US President these days merely follows his political ideology, so what’s the real purpose of this weakening of the middle class?

Not Working for the Working Class

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2 Responses to The Monica Perez Show is back! This Saturday 3PM-6PM ET on WSB…Here’s what’s on tap…

  1. William Reuter (no relationship to the news service) says:

    Howdy Monica, welcome back!
    I am very angry that the Republicans are being ENCOURAGED to ALLOW and or HELP the lame duck Democrats to pass whatever they want before the end of the year which will INSURE that the PIED PIPER PRESIDENT can continue to lead our country to drown in debt.

  2. bestsis says:

    Dear Monica,

    In response to to your question about are we better off now I have to say absolutely not. I am 72 years old and have worked hard all of my life. I have never taken any public assistance. I eat right and take vitamins and herbs and am in excellent health. I never go to doctors. I have to work 4 part time jobs along with my social security to make ends meet. No one will hire full time so I cashier 2 days a week, deliver auto parts 3 days a week, put together inserts for the Sunday paper on Saturdays, and check newspaper deliveries for grocery stores on Sundays. None of these jobs offer the possibility of a raise because they are part-time.

    It is not just my age that keeps me from getting full time work. Most of the young people that work with me are also working 2-3 part time jobs. I never thought that I would see the day that this country would come to this. But here we are and getting worse.

    gail, Nashville, tn.

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