2015 Podcasts


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2015: What did I predict? What happened? What does it all mean? Podcast of December 26, 2015 Show

They’re Coming To Get You! Podcast of December 19, 2015 Show

Obama says, “War, War and More War!” Podcast of December 12, 2015 Show

Crisis + Solution = “Common Sense” Gun Laws? Podcast of December 5, 2015 Show

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Podcast of November 27, 2015 Show

The Republicans Did NOT “Grill” Hillary on Benghazi…Podcast of October 24, 2015 Show

A Wall Is the Solution to the Wrong Problem: Podcast of August 22, 2015 Show

OMGosh! She used her own email address! Podcast of August 15, 2015 Show

Trump Bait? Podcast of August 8, 2015 Show

If You Had To Vote Today…? Podcast of August 1, 2015 Show

“People Are Bad! Disarm! Disarm!” Podcast of July 25, 2015 Show

Peeling the Onion on Iran: Podcast of July 18, 2015 Show

Debt Is the Threat: Podcast of July 11, 2015 Show

The Pieces Are Locking Together: Podcast of June 27, 2015 Show

Live Free or Die: Podcast of June 20, 2015 Show

TPP / TTIP…The TIPPing Points: Podcast of June 13, 2015 Show

ISIS IS US?? Podcast of May 30, 2015 Show

USA FREEDOM ACT? Not so much…Podcast of May 16, 2015 Show

Defending the First Amendment or Undermining It? Podcast of May 9, 2015 Show

Freddie Gray Mystery Exploited by the Police State: Podcast of May 2, 2015 Show

What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make? Podcast of April 18, 2015 Show

Rand in the Ring: Podcast of April 11, 2015 Show

Teachers = Cheaters…Go Directly to Jail? Podcast of April 4 2015 Show

The Germanwings Crash – Fastest Air Accident Investigation of All Time? Podcast of March 28, 2015 Show

The Georgia Legislature’s 2015 Theme: The Police State! Podcast of March 21, 2015 Show

You Killed No-Knock Raids! Podcast of March 6, 2014 Show

The Two Pillars of Internet Freedom: Podcast of February 28, 2015 Show

War is a Racket: Podcast of February 21, 2015 Show

Peace Prize Winner Politely Requests Limitless War: Podcast of February 14, 2015 Show

“They” Are Three Moves Ahead: Podcast of February 7, 2015 Show

Behind Benghazi – Hillary’s Libyan War: Podcast of January 31, 2015 Show

SOTU: Capitalism v. “Capitalism” – Podcast of January 24, 2015 Show

The Internet: A Limited Hangout? Podcast of January 17, 2015 Show

Why I Am Not Charlie: Podcast of January 10, 2015 Show

Deep State? Cold War II? What’s On Tap for 2015? Podcast of January 3, 2015 Show

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3 Responses to 2015 Podcasts

  1. charles from duluth says:

    Monica,thank you for giving me things to check out. Could you summarize here in your reply section, Why Your Not Charlie ? Is it, you are not going to fall in lock step,with what Main Street Media pushes us to believe ?

    • austrogirl says:

      Hi Charles,

      “I am not Charlie,” for starters, because Charlie engages in gratuitous blasphemy against the Holy Trinity. (Click here for a Charlie Hebdo image of the Holy Trinity engaged in three-way sodomy – I’m not posting it: http://www.meltybuzz.fr/charlie-hebdo-apres-les-musulmans-la-une-s-attaque-aux-catholiques-galerie-381387-1129351.html.) I am not extremely religious – I am a church-going Catholic who struggles with faith, hope and charity, but I am still in the struggle. Even so, as any kind of Christian, I really must not celebrate or identify with sins against the first commandment, and I can tell you honestly that I would never knowingly even patronize a convenience store that sold Charlie Hebdo, much less support it directly. I’m not saying these guys weren’t VICTIMS of murder, I’m just saying they aren’t my HEROES.

      As you know, however, I am a hardcore libertarian who believes in the strictest separation of Church and State (I’d actually like to abolish the modern state not give it more social power.) So I am a staunch defender and a bold practitioner of free speech and I obviously recognize that these guys have the right to print what they want, but rallying around the Je Suis Charlie slogan will not promote or even defend free speech – on the contrary. This episode will result in a curtailment of free speech – even private free speech! France, the US and the UK are all responding to the Charlie Hebdo episode with increased surveillance and reduced liberty…take this quote from David Cameron for example: “’The simple principle is this: do we want to allow a means of communications between people which, even in extremis, with a signed warrant from the home secretary personally, that we cannot read?’ And my answer to that is, ‘No, we must not.'” (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-01-15/british-government-wants-outlaw-secure-communication-keep-you-safe) Free speech is first and foremost meant to protect us from the government and the government will use the emotionalism behind Je Suis Charlie to take away our protections – Cameron is talking about a negation of what is our fourth amendment & in fact it has already been gutted thanks to Republicans and Democrats alike.

      In sum, “Je Suis Charlie” is a rallying cry for people who have blind faith that the media is telling them the truth and that the government can and will protect us – the government in turn will take that blind faith and use it against us.

      …I am Monica 🙂

  2. charles from duluth says:

    You are remarkable! It was the free speech deal that so many have been blathering about,that I wanted you to illuminate on. Thank you. Looking forward to sharing this with my friends.

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