Just added “The Saint Peter Test” to my glossary….

The Saint Peter Test is a phrase I coined to help judge whether we the people should consent to one of our government’s wars. Government authority to use violence derives 100% from the right to self-defense that we delegate to them. Given that it is a representative government, we have very nearly hands-on control over how they use this authority. If you are asked to consent to a war or any violent action, you should first ask yourself, “How will I explain this to St. Peter on my judgment day?” If you can’t clearly articulate why you’re authorizing the use of force and offer compelling evidence that your facts are verifiable and your rationale sound, then you have to withhold your consent. I don’t think St. Peter will accept “I trusted my government” as a justification for authorizing violence.

Tune in this Saturday after the game (4:30PM ET?) as I apply the Saint Peter Test to Obama’s request to use force against ISIS…

Also check out my full glossary here.

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5 Responses to Just added “The Saint Peter Test” to my glossary….

  1. Crazy Old Man says:

    I suspect the crusaders used the Saint Peter test when they exterminated the Cathars.
    I am no war hawk but this water is really muddy.
    It makes me appreciate the leadership of Ghandi and MLK. I think they led the only holy wars that the Big Guy approves of. I do think we are forgiven for using force to preserve life. How close do we let the threat get to make that call. I’m glad it’s not my call.
    I really miss the blue pill.

  2. hugh says:

    What a terrific topic. I wonder how many of us really think of the horrors of war. We are so detached, and just like the video games, it’s all just point and click with our drone effort. It’s over ‘there’, not ‘here’, and we don’t see the blood and gore. Frankly, I am not worried about the “Muslim extremists” that we hear about continually on FauxNews and the other main stream media stations. I think that’s just part an artificial threat to scare us, though indeed there are some extremists. I wonder who funds and enables them? (hint, it might be us) It is even very possible that ‘Hollywood types’ have produced some of the scary videos we have seen or heard of to con us. It’s also very possible many of the recent shooting and other similar events are false flags and not what has been sold to us. It’s those that run our nation that concern me. I’m attaching a very recent column by Chuck Baldwin that fits quite well with your post here, Monica. I think Chuck would fully support your Saint Peter Test. It would be great if you and Chuck could meet sometime and talk.


  3. Anonymous says:

    “Who are the ones that we kept in charge?
    Killers, thieves, and lawyers”
    -Tom Waits

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