1 year since MH370 went down & “Airlines stop accepting rechargeable battery shipments”

From the article below:

Everything we find out makes it look worse and worse,” said one official. “We’ve been very lucky so far, but at some point that is going to end and it’s going to be very difficult (to explain) because everyone knows” how dangerous the shipments are….so far, there have been no cargo fires aboard passenger airlines attributed to lithium batteries.

MH370 had 200kg of lithium batteries as cargo…I still contend that plane went down the moment it lost contact almost a year ago to the day – this new finding adds to the mounting evidence of a more plausible alternative to the official narrative…For the rest of the evidence check out my investigation…Cracking the Code on MH370. (I still get emails saying, “You said from the beginning they would never find that plane in the Indian Ocean – how did you know?” I knew because there was ample reason to believe it blew up in the air at 1:20am – the same moment it lost contact. There were a few possible causes – US warships doing exercises in the area and lithium batteries in the cargo hold were two of them.)

Airlines stop accepting rechargeable battery shipments


The Associated Press


Some of the world’s largest airlines are banning bulk shipments of rechargeable batteries in the face of mounting evidence of their potential to cause catastrophic in-flight fires.

Citing safety concerns, United Airlines on Monday became the second major U.S. airline to announce it will no longer accept bulk shipments of rechargeable batteries, also called lithium-ion batteries, which are used to power everything from smartphones to laptops to power tools.

Delta Air Lines quietly stopped accepting bulk shipments of the rechargeable batteries on Feb. 1. The airline said in a statement that it took the action in response to government testing and concerns raised by its pilots and flight attendants. <> 

Update (October 2015): More details on the battery hypothesis for MH370…this new article gets a little lost toward the end when it tries to jam the plausible battery hypothesis in with the ridiculous Indian Ocean official narrative…I leave that to you to piece together–you can read the comprehensive report I made at the time (Cracking the Code on MH370) as well as the latest on the battery hypothesis. I concluded back in March 2014 that the plane went down upon exploding over the South China Sea shortly after takeoff – the battery theory fits perfectly with that.

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2 Responses to 1 year since MH370 went down & “Airlines stop accepting rechargeable battery shipments”

  1. I can only assume that someone didn’t wish the airplane to be found.

  2. austrogirl says:

    THAT is the mystery!!!

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