Show Tomorrow Regular Time! 3-6PM ET on WSB….

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5 Responses to Show Tomorrow Regular Time! 3-6PM ET on WSB….

  1. hugh says:

    Great news! Is it 3 pm yet?

  2. Brett says:

    What’s the topic????

    • hugh says:

      I don’t have a Facebook account due to privacy concerns, but here is what I copied from Monica’s Facebook page, to your question. My only caveat to Monica’s thoughts are that I don’t trust this or any modern day governor further than I can throw him! The Governor doesn’t need his private army, and as Monica noted, these folks (how many will be unqualified and politically correct hires?) will be able to carry weapons and arrest us! Here are Monica’s comments:

      “I’ll be telling you what you need to know about this bill tomorrow. I’ve read it several times & there’s no denying that the bill adds an organization (The Department of Community Services or DCS) without any prescribed structure or limits that is 100% under control of the governor and get this – any and all employees within this organization can be delegated the power to arrest and keep the peace…It’s potentially a massive police force that serves “at the pleasure of the governor.”..I don’t see any reason why creating this untested department is necessary to implement the good measures in this bill and I see massive potential for abuse. Maybe not this governor, but if the time comes I can’t see a future governor failing to see the tremendous power this gives him, especially if there is tension with a fed-up citizenry. If they want to create this new department, they need to put structure and limits on it.”

      • hugh says:

        There also might be a Department of Community Supervision established under this bill. You gotta love that term “supervision”. Perhaps they want to billet one of the Governor’s armed soldiers in each of our homes, so they can effectively supervise us!

    • hugh says:

      A big double AMEN to both of your comments on Monica’s show today!

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