Just for the record…witnesses saw an explosion and smoke before Germanwings plane went down…

I just want to make sure this article doesn’t go down the memory hole…Immediately after the crash, a French Air Force pilot reported that numerous witnesses saw an explosion and smoke coming out of the Germanwings plane before it went down and that a piece of the plane was found far from the crash site indicating that it separated from the plane before impact. The media is all over painting Andreas Lubitz as a suicidal murderer but that seems like a cover-up. Here are other links of interest…

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Now to snatch this report from the jaws of the memory hole…I’m linking to the original article, but I’m also copying it in case that article gets edited or disappears.

Germanwings A320 plane crash: ‘Explosion and smoke’ before Airbus plunged into French Alps

March 24, 2015 19:15 GMT

Witnesses told the French Air Force they heard an explosion and saw smoke coming out of the doomed Germanwings’ A320 passenger plane shortly before it crashed into the mountains near Digne, southern France, IBTimes UK can reveal.

A helicopter pilot in the French Air Force based in Orange, 30 minutes away from the site of the crash, told IBTimes UK witnesses in the crash investigation told him “they had heard an explosion and seen smoke.”

While the French authorities have not confirmed these accounts, the pilot confirms the French Air Force has received a number of corroborating witness testimonies.

The pilot also confirmed that debris was found upstream from the crash site – which he said confirmed the fact that the piece of fuselage had “been detached from the aircraft before impact.”

“The search zone is quite localised, but a piece has been found upstream, which is a bit unsettling,” the pilot said from Orange.

While the French authorities have allocated 210 Gendarmerie officers from several departments and nine helicopters for the rescue operations, two of the Orange squadron – one for rescue purposes, the other for air policing – to make sure small independent planes would not fly over the site – were sent over to the crash site on Tuesday 24 March.

A Lufthansa vice president says the company is treating the crash of a Germanwings jet in France that carried 150 people as an accident for “the time being.”

Heike Birlenbach told reporters in Barcelona that for now “we say it is an accident. There is nothing more we can say right now.”

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5 Responses to Just for the record…witnesses saw an explosion and smoke before Germanwings plane went down…

  1. Tony says:

    Thank you for being point on this, the only addition I have should bring about rage in some people. The angle I bring is Germany’s (Europe in general) health care. Without being an expert in Germany’s healthcare or their computer system, I do know this much. Germany for all intent is socialist based, I was under the impression that Obama care is suppose to emulate Europe’s health care.Go to a local Urgent care in the metro Atlanta area and the computer systems should be labeled “Big brother”. The point I’m trying to make is one of the goals of state medicine is control and ease of access to information. I find it hard to believe that a commercial aviator in a big brother environment could hide an important medical condition. I think back to my active duty days during the 1980’s before the computer. Even then I remember flight status qualifications being pulled for a variety of reasons and the decision would find it’s way through the entire base, sometimes before the member himself would find out. The talking heads that are giving us the suicide theory are probably the same talking heads that think Iran is not dangerous with a fully loaded/chambered nuclear weapon.

    I’ll stay in the race as long as you do

    The knuckle dragging Plumber

  2. Istvan says:

    Where’s pilots, physicians, psychiatrists……
    voice, it’s just a paid Hollywood story…. that
    the media wants us to believe.

  3. austrogirl says:

    Now they’re saying they “found” the second black box in an area they had previously searched but it was charred so they couldn’t see it! Don’t those things have beacons? Also, it was widely reported that the second black box had been found immediately but that the flight data recorder memory chip was missing. At this point, nothing reported in the mainstream media can be believed. Furthermore, reports out of Germany is that there is a full court press on anyone who might contradict the official story with interrogations of anyone who might have known Lubitz. Oh yeah, and what do his parents have to say? How bout his fiancee? They are still M.I.A.

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