Freddie Gray Mystery Exploited by the Police State: Podcast of May 2, 2015 Show


Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

Here’s an interesting video from a sociological perspective:

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5 Responses to Freddie Gray Mystery Exploited by the Police State: Podcast of May 2, 2015 Show

  1. simmonsdon says:

    My theory may seem a little far out, but I think what may be going on here is that the federal government is trying to perpetuate / exploit these situations to make it appear to the public that the local city, county and maybe even state police forces are not capable of handling the unrest that seems to be the inevitable result of these incidents, and create the perception that the federal government may be needed to either oversee or “take over” law enforcement from the local authorities. A huge step in exercising more federal control. Maybe I am completely off base here, but during the weekend, wasn’t Al Sharpton (who seemingly has Obama’s ear) asking for the D.O.J. to take control of law enforcement? I know it would not likely happen overnight, but I can certainly see them trying to set the stage to make it appear that this is needed, and to help convince the public that it is only in the interest of the public good and safety, when we obviously know it is nothing more than a huge power grab. Pleas let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear your opinion (maybe I am off my rocker and completely off base)!

    • time4integrity says:

      I think you’re absolutely right, and I’m very glad you brought up this likelihood so that we, the people, don’t get tricked and trapped by this ploy. We will have to be vigilent and not assume that our awareness will prevent a federal police state. I remember when Obama talked about wanting this some time ago. if they don’t get it one way, they will try another way, at another time. And no, you are not off your rocker!

  2. William Reuter (no relation to the news service.) says:

    Howdy Monica,
    Interesting how the IRS can’t seem to find Al Sharpton to arrest him for tax evasion and the head of the New Black Panther Party doesn’t break any rules when he announces, “WE WILL KILL!!”
    but POLICE OFFICERS, that took the SAME OATH to OBEY THE LAW as President Obama, are now the BAD GUYS for showing up and doing THEIR JOBS. The Baltimore Police should go on STRIKE and let lawlessness run rampant for a week or two. Think anyone would change their mind about WHO to BLAME?? Democrat politicians have been running Baltimore over 40 years. Maybe those people?

    • Vphiamer Adis says:

      Honestly, absolutely honesty – lawlessness? Honestly, is it lawless for Police Officers to knowingly target people who aren’t doing anything, committing any crimes other than being a color which those officers associate with criminality – statistically speaking this is still a majority white country so, considering more whites are in jail then blacks, wouldn’t police serve the public better by targeting whites? I suppose not because disproportionately blacks “commit” or should I say are charged with more crimes, so they are obviously a better target. If you want to talk about lawless and you want to speak about obeying the law, then you might want to start with the police. Yes, the police are not Black people’s best friends, in fact they are not looked on very favorably in the community and this is not a new phenomenon, why because they have acted more like booted wearing Nazi’s who can and will do anything they want to. This isn’t new either. Nor is it limited to just black communities, research how labor organizers felt about cops during the late 1800s and early 1900s (p.s before you dismiss those organizers, you might want to consider they’re the reason we have the 8 hour day, most of the safety requirements we take for granted and why child labor is illegal). Its quite funny that many WHITE CITIZENS do not view BLACKS as CITIZENS, they view them as CRIMINALS and the POLICE as necessary tools to keep them in line..

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