Paul Ryan Is Just Another Establishment Neo-Con…


Despite all the histrionics coming from the Republican Party, Paul Ryan doesn’t bridge the gaps between Neo-conservatives, Tea Partiers & Libertarians. I even suspect the big story, “Kevin McCarthy’s Benghazi gaffe roils House speaker race,” was deliberately rolled out by the Establishment to position Paul Ryan as a reluctant hero who can make extraordinary demands as the savior of the party. The fact is, Paul Ryan is a big government Republican just like the rest of them at the top in DC. I wrote extensively about this when he ran for VP and in my opinion nothing has changed.

Please note, my show is now on Saturday 3-6PM, not Sunday 1-3–so I guess something has changed!

Here’s the first of a three part series I wrote on the subject (part 3 is the best actually, so if you only have time for one, pick that one):

Please Don’t Feed Me Neo-Con and Tell Me That It’s Liberty, part 1, part 2, part 3

And if you don’t know what a neo-con is, read this – I think it’s the best article I’ve ever written!

Neo-Conservatism, the Auto-Biography of an Idea

Here’s a take from an Ayn Rand fan: Paul Ryan, Randian? No, Just Another Neo-Con

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One Response to Paul Ryan Is Just Another Establishment Neo-Con…

  1. hugh says:

    I had exactly the same suspicion when Mc Carthy made that ‘alleged’ gaffe. These guys are way too smooth to make such mistakes. It’s all a setup and the Americans need to rise up and stop them cold!

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