“Honey Pot” now in the Glossary…


“WINNIE THE POOH” Character Pose Winnie The Pooh ©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

Honey Pot
An intelligence term for a person used to attract targets and extract information. Often used about a woman who seduces a man and pumps him for info, but also used to describe a trap for whistleblowers to give their secrets to an insider. Conveniently, the Wikileaks story has been linked with both meanings of the word: the rape allegations against Julian Assange were allegedly made by women with CIA links, and on the other hand, Assange himself is alleged to work with the CIA to trap whistleblowers and sanitize their leaks. (Is the proof in the pudding about Wikileaks? What outcomes against Western interests have occurred as a result of Wikileaks? I’m not saying there haven’t been revelations against interests, but what actual outcomes? Wikileaks didn’t take Petraeus out or any other member of the international power elite to my knowledge.)

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