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Trump VS The Freedom Caucus – What About Healthcare? podcast of April 1, 2017 Monica Perez Show

Trump Will Kill Cats & Dogs: podcast of March 18, 2017 Monica Perez Show

Wikileaks: CIA’s Vault 7 – Genuine Leak or Limited Hangout? podcast of March 11, 2017 Monica Perez Show

The Relentless Push for Cold War 2.0. What’s The End Game? podcast of March 4, 2017 Monica Perez Show

Indivisible, the Tea Party of the Left–NOT! podcast of February 25, 2017 Monica Perez Show

The Truth About the Deep State–What They’re Not Telling You podcast of February 18, 2017 Monica Perez Show on WSB

SUPER BOWL LI (51): Illuminati, Lady Gaga, & Deconstructing The Commercials podcast of February 5, 2017 Monica Perez Show on WSB

The Trump Way – Is There A Method To The Madness? podcast of January 29, 2017 Monica Perez Show on WSB

Holding Trump’s Feet to the Fire: podcast of January 21, 2017 WSB show

2017 on Tap: podcast of January 7, 2017 show


2016 Was a CRAZY Year! podcast of December 31, 2016 show

Electors, Do Your Duty! Podcast of December 17, 2016 Show

#Pizzagate, How Cheesy: Podcast of December 10, 2016 Show

To Burn or Not To Burn: Podcast of December 3, 2016 Show

Is It Too Soon To Go Back Down the Rabbit Hole? Podcast of Nov 10 2016 Show

Ron Paul, Rigged Elections, Man on the Street: Podcast of October 22, 2016 Show

Alt Right or Alt Wrong? Podcast of Aug 27 2016 show

Who Would Win in a Fight, the Second Amendment or the Police State? Podcast of August 20, 2016 Show

Johnson/Weld: Libertarian Light: podcast of August 13, 2016 show

Ask the Libertarian! Podcast of Aug 6 2016 Show

“Saint Hillary Will Save Us!” & Other Themes from the DNC. Podcast of July 30 2016 Show

What Was the RNC About? Plus Jon Corzine. Podcast of July 23, 2016 Show

“Due Process Is Killing Us” Podcast of July 16 2016 Show

Black & Blue in America: podcast July 9 2016 show

Were the Founders Libertarians? podcast of July 4 2016 show

Populism as Controlled Opposition? podcast of July 2 2016 show

Is Brexit a Blow for Liberty? Podcast of June 25, 2016 Show

The Orlando Agenda: podcast of June 18 2016 show

Why Do Millennials Reject “Capitalism?” podcast of June 11 2016 show

The Year of the LINO? podcast of June 4 2016 show

THE GEORGIA PRIMARY IS TOMORROW! podcast of 5/21/16 show

“If You Get Offended More Easily, You’ll Get Further in Life!” Podcast of May 14, 2016 Show

Alright Already with the Lesser of Two Evils!! Plus, Catherine Bernard 🙂 Podcast of May 7, 2016 Show

To Vax or Not To Vax? Podcast of April 21, 2016 Show

New York Republicans Count? Who Knew! Podcast of April 19 2016 Show

Libertarianism Quick & Dirty…Podcast of April 16, 2016 Show

“The Panama Papers” Just Another Limited Hangout: Podcast of April 9 2016 Show

Please, Make It Stop! Podcast of April 2, 2016 Show

The Beans on Heidi, Trump and…Chelsea Clinton??? Podcast of March 26, 2016 Show

Who’s the Bigger Scammer, the Media or the Fed? Podcast of March 19, 2016 Show

All Aboard!!! Podcast of February 27, 2016 Show

Post-debate Show February 25, 2016

[Birth]Right to Rise? Podcast of February 13, 2016 Show

JEB Will Surprise in NH & We Will Invade Libya: podcast of February 6, 2016 Show

Cruz Will Have the Edge in Iowa: Podcast of January 30, 2016 Show

Post-debate Show podcast January 28, 2016

Too Many Clinton Scandals To Name: Podcast of January 23, 2016 Show

The Polls That Really Matter…Podcast of January 16, 2016 Show

Post-Debate Show January 14, 2016

2016: The Year Ahead…Podcast of January 9, 2016 Show