Rand Paul on the View Talking Gun Control

In answer to Whoopi’s question as to why anyone would ever need to own a semi-automatic weapon, I wish Rand had quoted Luby’s massacre survivor Suzanna Gratia-Hupp’s Congressional testimony in which she explains that in the LA riots where the police abandoned entire neighborhoods, at least one individual was on his store’s rooftop protecting his property with just such a weapon. Those weapons might not be necessary for hunting and they’re rarely used for murder, but they ARE great for defense, not only in use but as a deterrent: whose store are you going to rob, the one with the proprietor on the roof holding an AK-47 or the other one?

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2 Responses to Rand Paul on the View Talking Gun Control

  1. Every modern weapon is semi automatic. People act like a semi automatic is an automatic, which it is not. That’s why they’re called “semi” automatic.

  2. radranaginn@att.net says:

    Freedom is a crime. Every little thing you do without permission makes you a criminal.

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