I’m Not Buying the Cruz Scandal Either


It’s not that I’m a fan of Cruz. Or not a fan. Until he provides a single solitary document demonstrating his and his parents’ citizenship history, I don’t even consider him a candidate. And poo-poo it all you like, but Ted covered for Heidi’s full-throated endorsement of the greatest articulated threat to national sovereignty I’ve ever seen, so in my mind, he’s no better than the rest. But I don’t think this sex scandal is true for one simple reason: I think this campaign season is a reality show and I don’t think Cruz would sign up for this if it were true. I could see him signing up for this if it were false (although I think that’s a nasty thing to do to his kids), but not if it were true. And I do think this was part of the script given the foreshadowing that went on earlier this week.

Sorry But Not Buying That National Enquirer #CruzSexScandal…

I see way more layers to this onion than the article linked above gives credit for, but I agree with the author that the Cruz sex scandal is probably false. This week’s episode of “The Primary: A Reality Show” has had a he-she theme from the start. The article above even brings in the astronomical award received by Hulk Hogan in his suit against Gawker which started the week (I wondered if that would have broader significance!), as well as the Wife vs Wife theme of this week’s Cruz-Trump match…then, as if on cue, the Friday cliffhanger was trotted out by National Enquirer, which I would classify as the tabloid version of Trump’s alma mater, the WWE, in keeping with the tone of this entire season….

The proof will be in the pudding…will Cruz be vindicated? Just guessing here, but I think he will…

Update: Here’s suspect #1: http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc-news/watch/trump-spokesperson-on-heated-feud-with-cruz-652224579744

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9 Responses to I’m Not Buying the Cruz Scandal Either

  1. bradrad says:

    All the politicians seem the same to me, and I’m not concerned about sovereignty because every sovereignty has a sovereign, but I think that many of the worst nightmares of dystopian fiction are coming true. Ron Paul is a mystery to me, but if there’s a rule about politicians, the rule is they seek to advance themselves with wealth and power and fame, at our expense.
    It’s a really crazy place that politics takes a person, like stepping through the looking glass into a world where everyone and everything is crazy. It’s funny that we think of hermits and people who move out away from civilization as crazy, when we consider how batty “normal” life has become.

  2. hugh says:

    The jury we are all awaiting is still out, but I would caution you in too easily dismissing the “National Esquire”. Certainly it’s a tabloid, but haven’t they covered, under the radar, some significant matters in the past that turned out to be true?! I do believe so and my wife reminded me of that.

    But my axiom remains to go wherever the truth leads me. And I continue to think that Trump is a real patriot.

    • austrogirl says:

      I’m not dismissing it, I’m just not buying it. I think the article is completely true–there are rumors swirling…the article does not say there is evidence….

  3. hugh says:

    I just viewed your update. Who is your “Suspect #1”? I ask as the clip you linked to is excellent and supportive of Trump. I’m perplexed!

    • austrogirl says:

      Rumors have been swirling for months that Katrina Pierson and Ted Cruz had an affair, yet Trump hired her as his national spokesperson–why risk a double agent inside the tent? That’s my only point there.

      • hugh says:

        Thanks for the response. I hadn’t previously heard such rumors, and of course would like to find out the truth, whatever it is. I do know she is very talented and it would be natural for her to rise in any organization. Again, I would like to learn how/why she moved from Cruz to Trump. I’m still hoping it was all open and above board.

  4. hugh says:

    I think your hunch will turn out wrong. The link I attach below indicates a Washington Times reporter confirms two of the liasons. Also Breitbart had the story but passed on it…might relate to those two individuals who recently left Breitbart. And note Trump did not start any of this, but he always hits back when he is attacked. p.s. Your update link is excellent as Globalists Heidi and Ted are exposed as we all wanted to see happen!


  5. hugh says:

    And Trump’s classy reaction (see below link) to all this is important to emphasize. I do believe many in Washington are blackmailed for various reasons and thus controlled to the detriment of our nation. And this matter is also very sad when considering the Cruz marriage and the impact on their children.


  6. hugh says:

    As is often the case, many knew of Cruz’s extracurricular activities before the matter broke yesterday. And the “Rubio” side was the original force attempting to get the matter out into the media. Not Trump!


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