Tax Day Cometh….Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth? (video preview of this week’s show)

Think you’re getting your money’s worth or does the government do more harm than good? I think you can guess my answer to that question!! Here’s a video preview to this week’s show–but it’s just scratching the surface!

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6 Responses to Tax Day Cometh….Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth? (video preview of this week’s show)

  1. Chris says:

    Good for you with regards to the elections. Stop the theft, don’t give those parasites another dime.
    End the fed!

    • austrogirl says:

      i almost wonder if they really need taxes — they could just print the money and do–i think they actually have this system so no one can get ahead and maybe go all Ron Paul on them…

      • bradrad says:

        That report from iron mountain mentioned that technology and trade would create wealth, and in a society with excess wealth, little government would be necessary. If this wealth were siphoned away one way or another, those large, powerful bureaucracies could continue. taxes drain it away, and fighting imaginary bogeymen pisses it away. What more wasteful activity could there be than fighting an illusory, undefined enemy, or enemies?
        I believe that, with the advent of the repeating rifle, and with modern technology, a single man could adequately defend his home from a horde of enemies, were the government to allow it. That would make much of the government’s rightful purpose obsolete, and it’s moral authority would begin to wane.
        That’s why the common man cannot be adequately armed, or sufficiently fortified with wealth. else it’s the end for many, many of our rulers.

        • Bradrad says:

          I shouldn’t post when I’m tired. What I mean is that they purposely drain away excess wealth to preserve the size and power of government. They don’t care where it goes, so long as it is destroyed. The technology exists to for men to defend themselves, but it is something that our rulers cannot allow. They outlaw the weapons and the tech, and they destroy enough wealth to keep people dependent upon government.

  2. hugh says:

    Just watched your promo and I think you are 80% correct. I suggest eighty percent as four of the five presidential candidates are just more of the same. But I think you are absolutely wrong about Mr. Trump!! I really feel he is a genuine patriot! But with that said, if you do feel that way, it is wise for you to move to more rewarding topics. Certainly helps one maintain sanity in today’s screwed-up world. Saturday looks to be a great show. Chris: Yes, End the Fed!

  3. Norman says:

    “Society is self ordering ” – Monica Perez ………. More true than you think. We fear freedom So much we give up 50% of our incomes to keep it at bay.

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