To Vax or Not To Vax? Podcast of April 21, 2016 Show

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Hour 2

This was the article by Dr. Don Miller about childhood diseases and cancer-resistance that I found interesting:

MMR Vaccine: Risks & Benefits

Here’s the book about the youngest person with narcolepsy, which resulted from an additive in a UK vaccine:

Waking Mathilda


And for a swan dive into the rabbit hole, listen to this…

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51 Responses to To Vax or Not To Vax? Podcast of April 21, 2016 Show

    • The caller charley starting at 12:54 is 100% right on the money. To debate the science of this is crazy.

      • Sarah Jean Davila says:

        Dear Samuel,
        I suggest you read some of the comments on this page. You might never have investigated the other side of the vaccine issue, but the mantra you hear on mainstream TV and radio will always be the same: Vaccines are safe and effective. Those of us who have researched the issue, as well as (and together with) all the parents of vaccine-injured children, know there is a dark side to the issue, which is the Truth. The vaccines are “tested for safety” by the very ones who stand to profit by their sales; there is not a true placebo used to test them, only another vaccine with toxic ingredients in it too; and there has never been done a comparison of vaccinated children vs. nonvaccinated children in this country. Follow the money. Our American children are among the sickest in the world, and getting sicker, in line with the increasing amount of vaccines being administered. Try to be open to what might surprise you (and disgust you and make your heart break). Read some of the suggested articles and the video posted by ajmacdonaldjr. Don’t just listen to the podcast, which was only a launching pad that Monica used to get a real discussion started–but a discussion based on facts, not propaganda. I have been studying vaccines for 7 1/2 years and have absolutely no confidence in them. The pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued if your child is harmed for life or killed by a vaccine. The Vaccine Court, which most parents don’t even know exists, has already paid out 3 BILLION dollars in claims to parents and other victims of this vaccine mafia. The revolving door between the government agencies that
        control vaccines and the companies that manufacture them is very real. We, the public, are the victims. Money above conscience is their way of life. Just watch the video posted after the podcast. I challenge you to do that. I think if you are honest, you will agree that this SHOULD be debated. The pro-vaccine side can never give a straight answer. Just watch the lady from the CDC try to squirm her way out of the questions put to her in the hearing on CSpan. It is pathetic!

        • Sarah I do read the articles. I just don’t find them convincing. The sites seem to be selling some sort of alternative cures to whatever illness. So I find them a little bias.

          You should do homework on why a fully vaccinated vs non vaccinated study would not only be unnecessary but also highly immoral to expose children to diseases such as the measles, polio, mumps,etc. Vs shouting out why hasn’t there been one.

          While there have been studies of non mmr vs mmr that have found to links to autism or whatever disease you may think off.

          Also to point out there wasn’t a study on nonsmokers vs smokers in the way you want there to be a non-vaccinated vs
          vaccinated study. Yet no one denies that smoking causes cancer.

          I also ask you one question. Why do many anti-vaxx sites only seem to mention death rates vs infection rates? Of course with advancement in sanitation deaths from diseases went down. It fails to mention the purpose of vaccination is to prevent getting the illness in the first place.

        • Bradrad says:

          I don’t think USA children are the sickest in the world. I think the only way one could believe that is if you had never actually been anywhere else. I think it’s great that people are free to think like this, but no logic or personal observation went into this one at all. You haven’t seen sick till you travel abroad.

          • sarahjeanbutlerdavila says:

            I know I have read that observation more than once in the explanations from vaccine-educated health professionals who have examined the data in relation to our US vaccine schedule and then have compared our children’s overall health with countries that vaccinate, but a lot less vaccines than we do. I don’t think they are referring to the effects of poverty and malnutrition, as well as the effects of overcrowding and poor hygiene, but rather to the pervasive presence of chronic diseases and a weakened immune system, as well as to a marked increase in diseases that are related to neurological toxins. When our Western civilization began to improve in its efforts to eradicate those aforementioned blights found in impoverished countries, that is when the contagious diseases we now “vaccinate against” began to disappear. The vaccines were implemented later, and really did not impact the downward trend, but one has to see the graphs to understand that. You should read Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History by Suzanne Humphries, MD., which you can read a review of on

      • hugh says:

        I had actually talked about ‘charlie’ in one of my earlier posts to this thread, though I didn’t specify the audio location point or his name. I’ll eat my hat if he isn’t some kind of dark player here. He is not some thoughtful person with a differing view. He has an agenda, and it is not innocent!

        • Are you serious? What evidence do you have to support it?

          • hugh says:

            I’m very serious, Samuel, very serious! But, it is only a hunch, based on years of interacting with people. And you do know, I hope, that there are multiple suspicious deaths of professionals on the alternative side. These people would thus stop at nothing. It would be expected for the dark side to attempt to discredit this thread if they became aware of it.

          • Bradrad says:

            lol, I find this Bigfoot, Chemtrails, vaccines are killing us, fluoride, reptilian illuminati moon base alpha comedy show very humorous. I just feel sorry for the serious people who have to endure it. It’s “just a hunch” , but from my “years of interacting with people” I find that when the Chemtrails and the fluoride come out, you’re talking with someone who is off their meds, or taking too much of them.

          • I share the same feelings. I also find Monica’s complete misunderstanding on how peer review works worrisome. We can’t trust the scientists just seems like a way to believe whatever you want

          • sarahjeanbutlerdavila says:

            Dear Samuel,
            In regard to the current reliability of “peer review,” please read the following article:

          • Bradrad says:

            I don’t know much about peer review, but I doubt vaccines are as dangerous as these extreme views suggest. I think that if being skeptical of conspiracy theories is good, then being skeptical of establishment authority is good as well. Just because I believe that science is tainted with politics doesn’t mean I’m going to start believing in Bigfoot and chemtrails. I distrust everybody till I know what they’re selling.

          • austrogirl says:

            I don’t understand or misunderstand the peer review process, I merely suggested it’s not incorruptible I don’t “trust” mainstream science like it’s a religion, I respect and pursue competing avenues of scientific inquiry without dismissing something just because it hasn’t been vetted by one group rather than another. This is the article that got me wanting more scientific data on the effects on the immune system of eliminating childhood diseases:

          • Thanks for the reply. But I find your sources lacking.

            The first source is written by Bob Carter who was a Chief Science Advisor to the International Climate Science Coalition. “he died”. Which is a pretty interesting organization in which they are professional AGW global warming deniers. maybe they have a bias to not like peer review?


            And the second link is written by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD. If we scroll to the bottom of the page it lists his sources. He lists himself twice! I don’t find this kosher at all. But if we ignore this and check out his last source he lists a very very unbiased site “sarcasm” With that I find it hard to take either of those links seriously.

          • Bradrad says:

            Here’s a good example of what I mean about being skeptical both ways. I hear people say that someone is a professional “denier” of something without also mentioning that the professional “promoter” exists as well. It’s an unfair sort of deception that we play on ourselves when we only think it’s dirty to get paid for refuting something. by the same fallacy, it’s as if prosecutors made really good money to convict men, while only evil lawyers took money to defend them. Can you see how that could make a fellow skeptical? I also object to the idea that any idea or subject is so settled that it cannot be questioned or debated. I don’t believe in chemtrails, but I think those that believe in them should be as free to speak as me. My freedom is your freedom.

          • Dear Bradford,
            In regard to Chemtrails, I suggest you watch the following video:

          • This would be true if both sides were on equal footing. I don’t think anyone here denies that infection rates for diseases such as the mumps have gone way done since vaccination. What sites such as vaxtruth do is report bad studies (andrew wakefield with a 12 total sample size) and report death rates without the decline in infection rates.

          • sarahjeanbutlerdavila says:

            Dear Samuel,
            Maybe you haven’t been reading my recent posts at the bottom of the blog. I sent several yesterday dealing with various different vaccines, but the last one was precisely about MUMPS, which you happen to have just mentioned. So if you would like to read at least that last one, posted at 3:22 pm yesterday, you may be surprised. All the data mentioned can be confirmed. I have come across those facts numerous times in my serious investigation into vaccines for the last 7 1/2 years. By the way, how long have you been investigating them, and what have been your sources? If you want to know the true and complete (and continuing) story of Dr. Andrew Wakefield (which the mainstream media, Big Pharma, and the CDC WISH would go away, but it is only getting stronger), try to see the movie Vaxxed.

  1. Dear ajmacdonaldjr,
    You couldn’t have posted a better video! It says it all! I have been studying vaccines for the last 7 1/2 years, and this says all I have come to understand and lament…and fight against…one person at a time! I hope Monica will give more air time to this subject, as well as to fluoride in our water and GMOs and Chemtrails. If she doesn’t have time to study each of these topics in depth herself, we can help her, if we all pitch in and send in the fruits of our own research. Let’s light one candle at a time until the mass media’s lies are exposed and their darkness has to give way to the light of Truth!

    • bradrad says:

      chemtrails, lol.

      • hugh says:

        Are you mocking the concept of ‘Chemtrails’ too? I have been trying to figure out what makes a person like you tick, and you gave me a clue when you agreed you were a ‘citizen of the world’. Now I’m also thinking you might be one of those ‘trolls’. Something a miss is going on ‘upstairs’!

        • bradrad says:

          At least I don’t rely on an all-purpose epithet to describe people who disagree with me. I do mock chemtrail theories because they’re funny, like Bigfoot. I find Bigfoot theories entertaining and humorous too. If you don’t like people laughing at your ideas, maybe free speech isn’t something you are ready for.

  2. hugh says:

    Amen to the video clip AJ posted and to Sarah Jean’s supporting comment!!! I hope Monica latches on to this and helps wake up the uninformed. This is yet another of the gravely serious matters that needs to be dealt with! We are being intentionally poisoned, in my opinion!

    • sarahjeanbutlerdavila says:

      The following article is related to the subject of the dead doctors. It involves one of the expert speakers, Judy A. Mikovits, Ph.D, who will be presenting today (Saturday, April 23rd, 2016) at Life University in Marietta at an all-day event (9 am – 5 pm) called World Leader Health Summit, which is affiliated with the protest in front of the CDC on Friday. If you read this post early on Saturday and want to attend the Summit, it is free. I believe there will be a showing of the documentary Vaxxed at some point. Tickets are required, which can be obtained and printed out online at
      Now for the article about today’s speaker who was in contact with one of the now-dead doctors, Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, M.D., whose office here in Buford, GA was ransacked by the FDA shortly before he was found dead in the river.

      • hugh says:

        I wish I had known about this earlier. I live in Marietta, but my day is planned at this point. Thanks for all this material you are sharing!

  3. sarahjeanbutlerdavila says:

    P.S. I suggest that as you read the article above, you click on the link within the link that refers to Dr. William Thompson of the CDC. That second article was written shortly after Dr. Thompson admitted to cooperating in committing fraud in the study to determine if the MMR vaccine causes autism.

  4. sarahjeanbutlerdavila says:

    Monica please move my last comment to the end. Thanks.

  5. hugh says:

    Sarah Jean,
    I have viewed your additional postings and want to highly encourage all readers of this site view them!! One of my nephews and his wife just brought forth a healthy baby boy. My nephew and his parents still trust the government. You can imagine my distress as I think about all this!

  6. bradrad says:

    When I was a child I was vaccinated, and when I was about 19 I noticed that a plane was leaving a white trail behind it. Now only 30 years later, my knees and my feet hurt after a long days work. those are facts, and you can’t deny that vaccinations and chemtrails cause health problems because my Shaman, Garth, said so. lol.

  7. hugh says:

    You had posted so many podcasts recently that I sort of got turned around and read the reader posts on this podcast before I listened to your show. Your show was terrific, and so needed!! Glad to see you are starting to consider alternatives re the medical industry, as it is highly corrupted, in my opinion. Quick observations re two of your callers: The male caller in hour one who took major issue with you reeked of being a propagandist. He was not a guy who just had a differing view…he was a player or tasked with discrediting your show. The female who differed with you and who worked in the industry was a “worker bee”, in my opinion, and sincerely believed what she said. But the corruption occurs way above her level and knowledge. I guess you had brought that point out. p.s. I sure hope you open your mind to considering ‘chemtrails’. Monica, that is real!!!!

  8. bradrad says:

    Chemtrails. and Bigfoot too

  9. I am literally too tired to comment now, but tomorrow I shall try to comment about the World Leader Health Summit at Life University. It lasted from 9 am till 8 pm, and was packed full of phenomenal speakers, enlightening us about the Truth concerning vaccines. We even got to see a viewing of Vaxxed. What a day! Of course, most everyone there already knew of the dangers of vaccines and maybe had a child who had been vaccine injured, but this helped to energize us to go out and share the Truth with others. It can’t be hidden any longer, and knowledge is power.

  10. Saturday, as I said, was phenomenal! There was a diversity of speakers, all experts in their fields. Some had books for sale, all proceeds of which would be donated to help fund the Summit, which was to promote Truth, Transparency and Freedom in regard to vaccines. The Summit was free to attendees. There were representatives from the Nation of Islam, whose leaders have been incensed since hearing of the increase in cases of autism in black male children who receive their MMR vaccine at the age recommended by the CDC. I attended a rally at Grant Park last summer at which those leaders were present, along with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and other leaders in the vaccine truth movement. There will be another protest in front of the CDC in October, and the Nation of Islam group is hoping for a strong turnout. At Saturday’s event and at the Grant Park event there were attendees from as far away as California.
    Saturday night we were privileged not only to have a screening of the excellent documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, but we also had in our midst the producer, Del Bigtree, who spoke to us and also appeared in the documentary. In addition, we had the honor of listening to Dr. Brian Hooker, also featured in the documentary. He is the scientist who recorded the phone confessions of the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson.
    One speaker, David L. Lewis, PhD, has written a book entitled Science for Sale: How the US Government Uses Powerful Corporations and Leading Universities to Support Government Policies, Silence Top Scientists, Jeopardize Our Health, and Protect Corporate Profits. You can read the reviews of his book on
    One article I would like to recommend to all of you, which I discovered tonight, can be found at the link below. This article will demonstrate how corrupt the CDC is. It is very personal to me, for the following reason: In 2009 my daughter, pregnant with her first child, was strongly encouraged by her obstetrician to accept the H1N1 flu shot. My daughter refused, knowing that I had recently begun to discover the adverse effects of vaccines. As you will see in this article, that vaccine resulted in an increase of fetal deaths by 4,250 % in pregnant women. I thank the Lord and my daughter’s courage for saving my granddaughter.
    Hugh, if you would like a recommendation for an excellent book to share with your nephew and his wife about vaccines, I suggest the one written by the pediatrician Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, who over 35 years cared for children without using vaccinations and had no autism or childhood diabetes in his practice. His book is entitled Make an Informed Vaccine Decision for the Health of Your Child: A Parent’s Guide to Childhood Shots.

    • hugh says:

      Sarah Jean,
      Thanks for the referral! I have referred it to my sister-in-law! And thanks for your extensive comments and links!

  11. sarahjeanbutlerdavila says:

    P.S to Samuel;
    How many of the ads on mainstream news are funded by pharmaceutical companies? Do you think they will ever allow those stations to throw doubt on their products? There are also ads for lawyers who offer to help you sue these same drug companies if you or a loved one were harmed or died from taking some now-removed-from-the-market drug. But vaccines are the “sacred cow” that cannot be touched. And the Pharmaceutical Lobby is the most powerful and largest lobby on Capitol Hill. They will muzzle any dissent by digging into their deep pockets, filled with the money they have earned off the pain and suffering of the vaccine-injured children.

  12. hugh says:

    After Sarah Jean posted the notice of the gathering over at Life University, I Googled some of the names and found a YouTube of Dr. Judy Mikovits. I attach the link below and highly recommend taking it in!

  13. Hugh, I can hardly believe you found this and that you have posted it! God is so good! Thank you for your efforts, and may all those who have doubts find this and listen to it. I bought Dr. Judy’s book, and plan to be consulting with her in the future, as I have CFS.

    • hugh says:

      Sarah Jean,
      I’ll be attending Monica’s panel tonight. If you are there, I would love to meet you.

      • sarahjeanbutlerdavila says:

        I am uninformed about the panel. I probably can’t attend because of my nanny duties with my grandchildren, but please give me the info just in case. We have to stick together.

        • hugh says:

          Sarah Jean.
          All the details for Monica’s panel are on the first thread of this website. It’s at the Hudson Grill in Midtown.

  14. hugh says:

    My wife and I are very concerned re food issues, and as such we avoid GMOs like the plague and search out organics and healthful natural foods. We receive periodic emails from Dr. Joseph Mercola, and today’s email contained an extensive article on vaccines, starting out with a brief discussion of the film Vaxxed. I found it very interesting, but not surprising, that DeNiro pulled the film after other film entrants to the festival threatened to remove their films if Vaxxed wasn’t pulled. I wonder what the payoffs/threats were in those cases. The link to the article follows immediately hereunder:

  15. sarahjeanbutlerdavila says:

    Your two videos at the top of the page are fantastic–thank you for sharing them! It was a blessing to finally meet you in person Tuesday night. Keep up the great work!

  16. sarahjeanbutlerdavila says:

    For anyone interested in reading another article about the Vaxxed documentary, here is a good one:

  17. sarahjeanbutlerdavila says:

    For any of you who are interested in knowing why we fluoridate water in the United States and what damage it is doing, I suggest you read the following article:

  18. sarahjeanbutlerdavila says:

    In regard to flu vaccines, which are encouraged by the CDC and healthcare practitioners (and many of which still contain mercury), the following article is very enlightening:

  19. sarahjeanbutlerdavila says:

    Well, today’s internet is so full of vaccine-related stories i just can’t resist this one!

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