Is the Libertarian Ticket the Least of THREE Evils??


Interesting sentiment, but it’s not something a libertarian would say.

I won’t vote for evil, whether greater or lesser. I will vote, however, for a flawed by principled Libertarian Party candidate to register my respect for the libertarian principles on which this country was founded, as well as to register my protest to the liberal-fascist center represented by both the Democrat and the Republican Parties. But if the Libertarian ticket also represents the liberal-fascist center, what’s a hardcore libertarian to do?

I’ll be discussing this on the show this Saturday (3-6PM ET on WSB) and I will also have a conversation with Chris Chandler on WSB during prime time on Tuesday, June 7, to talk about the Libertarian Party as the third party option anti-Trump Republicans might be looking for. He wants a candid discussion and I intend to give him one, but I’d love to know what y’all think. Please comment below or on facebook or twitter, or you can email me through the tab above.

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4 Responses to Is the Libertarian Ticket the Least of THREE Evils??

  1. hugh says:

    In my opinion, Weld is a flat out TRAITOR to the United States of America and to the model of sovereign nations. I say that as he was a signatory to the CFR document titled “Building a North American Community”. This document called for the effective merging of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and a free flow movement of the citizens if those three nations throughout the combined area. Heidi Cruz was a named task force member of that project. As Johnson has named Weld to be his VP running mate, I consider Johnson a TRAITOR to the U.S. also. Saturday I will be attending the GOP State Convention as a Delegate and will miss your show. You really must bring up my position, front and center, with your guest or you will not be covering this topic. I will follow for the podcasts. Johnson and Weld should be run out of our nation. They are not Americans, in my opinion!

  2. Bradrad says:

    America is a continent comprised of north and south America. People in these areas are called Americans. In North America there are several countries, and these countries have people called North Americans in them. In the near center of this North American area there is a group of states that have United under an oppressive, aggressive federal tyranny. Even though they are more originally and accurately described by the names of their states, some of the natives call themselves Americans, as if anyone not kissing the federal tyranny’s ass is not an American, discounting them from being a “real American.” These natives are called ignorant by anyone who is not afraid of them. The natives are prone to name-calling and aggression toward anyone they deem as “treasonous” , and recommend forceful ejection of anyone who doesn’t worship the flag.

    • hugh says:

      Sorry to see you are still 100% fogged in on your planet. It’s got to be awful to have zero visibility!

  3. bradrad says:

    Facts cannot help the made-up mind, but this article may help people that want to understand why economic warfare is a fool’s game.

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