It’s Time for Another Ask the Libertarian!


Given that the Libertarian Party ticket is getting beaucoups of press these days, and given that this ticket has spawned a new acronym: LINO…yup, Libertarian In Name Only…I think we ought to have a discussion of what it really means to be a libertarian. Please help by giving me questions I can answer on air Saturday that will help you or others better understand libertarianism from hardcore principles to policy recommendations. We can even discuss whether the compromise represented by the Johnson-Weld ticket is a good idea or a bad idea…You name it, I’ll talk about it!

Please comment below or on facebook or twitter, or you can email me through the tab above.

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2 Responses to It’s Time for Another Ask the Libertarian!

  1. hugh says:

    The Libertarian Party is getting abnormal amounts of press these days only because it is one of the vehicles the Establishment wants to use to ‘Stop Trump’.

    Here’s a question for ‘Ask the Libertarian’: Is the libertarian party concept in direct conflict with the universal model of ‘sovereign nations’? I.E., I don’t see how they can co-exist. For example, a sovereign nation must control it’s borders to be a sovereign nation, otherwise it’s not a sovereign nation. And of course the libertarians don’t believe in borders, hence they don’t believe in sovereign nations.

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