Show Saturday regular time 3-6PM ET on WSB

  • Show normal time tomorrow 3-6pm ET on …talking capitalism v cronyism v socialism w/ a little Bilderberg + recent police shootings
  • tweet at me @monicaperezshow or call 800 WSB TALK
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9 Responses to Show Saturday regular time 3-6PM ET on WSB

  1. hugh says:

    The articles I read indicated there is no film available from the officer’s body cams. Hate to say it, but I have no faith in that statement by the police being true. I would like the body cams to be independently examined to prove out the veracity of that statement. But with that said, I don’t know why the homeowner went outside!

    So glad you have podcasts as I’ll miss your live show. I’ll be recruiting US military veteran motorcyclists for a local Independence Day Parade when you show airs.

  2. Rachel says:

    Was hoping to get on to another point with millennial’s and capitalism. It’s not really a big secret that Google lobbyist me with the Obama administration. I saw a video from source feed about how Google has recently changed search recommendations for Hillary Clinton, and Obama has recently endorsed Hillary Clinton. I think this is a good example of how technology/cooperations/media can be easily used to sway an opinion for a “younger” generation that might not know better.

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