Show Saturday 3-6PM ET

on…… Let’s talk about the agendas served by Orlando…this crisis is not “going to waste.”…
Also want to discuss an article in today’s Wall Street Journal which repeats the false meme that civil libertarians have pushed back on the FBI “hatching terrorist plots” ( because we object to their entrapping innocent people–that has never been the issue (for me anyway). The issue is that they are actually manufacturing terrorism resulting in danger to the public (the WTC93 bombing was an FBI sting operation in which 6 died and many others were hurt and a misdirection of resources…(see also Judge Nap’s great piece on this on Fox News

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2 Responses to Show Saturday 3-6PM ET

  1. Norman says:

    Saturday’s in my family are now known as “Monica day” !!!!!!! Yay !!!!!!! Hip hip hooray for our pal Monica Perez !!!!!!

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