Show Saturday 3-6…What Does Brexit Mean For Us?

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16 Responses to Show Saturday 3-6…What Does Brexit Mean For Us?

  1. JB says:

    How many people know that Atlanta is a ‘sanctuary city’? Did we vote to become one? I don’t think so. We have a globalist thinking governor and mayor (by their actions). Has GA accepted money from FedGov to build more housing, etc? If taxpayer money is being used to fund these projects, shouldn’t we be in on the creation of them? Sanctuary-sounds soothing until you realize the goal of packing ppl into cities artificially. But that’s the plan (Agenda 21/30). The problam with all of this is, that it is growth artificially created, under the guise of city planning, without the consent or even knowledge of the people, using taxpayer money. But revealing the plan can’t be done, because people, if given a choice will move to a place less controlled. The whole of America is already a sanctuary. What is the purpose of calling it a sanctuary city?

  2. goksrm says:

    Unfortunately I missed most of the show, but one of the last callers voiced why intelligent people affiliated with many of the best universities tend to side with socialism. After limited thought, I felt the answer was simple. Greed. They will tend to have a “safer” life experience because their careers are better guaranteed with the advent of government creating their opportunities. Unlike your typical middle American who lives under their regulatory system of lesser upward opportunity with pensionless futures. I understand the greater the upper tiered university experience the better the opportunities. However, these opportunities are at the expense of the lesser classes. Socialist will throw up false causes such as equal rights, human right, animal rights etc etc etc. to make you believe they are more compassionate, but none of their causes make the lesser classes life more prosperous. Just the opposite?????

    • goksrm says:

      This is the concluding paragraph from the opinion page of the NYT. The author is or was an advisor to the WTO (PHILIPPE LEGRAIN.) “The young, the higher educated and city dwellers, the most dynamic members of Britain’s economy, voted to Remain. They were outvoted by the old, the less educated and non-urban English, who often rely on taxpayer largess. With economic opportunities stunted, everyone will suffer for Leave voters wrongly blaming hard-working, taxpaying European migrants for everything they dislike about modern Britain and wrongly trusting economic charlatans like Mr. Gove.”

      MHO…these are the regulatory experts.

      • austrogirl says:

        Same meme as we see with a Trump – there is a certain segment of the population (white make lower educated middle class) who are too primitively to be trusted with self-government and they’re proving it – something must be done! Funny, they couldn’t make that case with the RonPaul revolution so they engineered this ersatz one.

        • hugh says:

          Yes, the support for Trump certainly is “engineered” by the main stream media. Here’s a breakdown (see link below) of the educational levels of those who support Trump. Higher educated folks certainly support him, contrary to the MSN spin! But as we all know, there are those professors who don’t know when to come in out of the rain. “Formal education” is becoming less of an indicator of true awareness. “Common sense isn’t so common!”

  3. bradrad says:

    What if people with drastically different ideas were allowed to live in places where those ideas were allowed and encouraged. The iron hand of government forces people to compromise and be dragged along with terrible ideas. I am watching some videos that make a case for secession. I think it would be a pretty good idea to allow secession so that I could immigrate to a place where freedom was more important, while others might want to live a more top-down, ordered existence. They could build their fences a million miles high, and I wouldn’t give a flying $%#! because I wouldn’t be dragged along with them. Anyway, here’s the link:

    • hugh says:

      Please sit down when you read my response, as I agree with you! If you and those of similar viewpoint can somehow acquire some soil and set up an arrangement to your liking, I say Amen, and good for you! Present circumstances in the world, however, have the soil pretty much divided up into sovereign nations. And these nations used to control their affairs to their own liking until the globalists took control, opened their borders and cajoled, forced, or otherwise encouraged dissimilar peoples into what was a peaceful space of unity, peace, and cooperation. Now chaos rains upon the globe. The article I attach is a current column by Pat Buchanan which describes a worldwide awakening to the destruction of nations. The elites call the movement biggoted, racist, and such, but it is really the normal and natural circumstance of mankind. Mankind is tribal and prefers his own in a living environment. That does not preclude relationships with others, but they are more naturally conducted externally. Again, I wish you well with your goal, just know most of mankind does not share your view.

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