Truthing: New Glossary Entry


British MP Jo Cox’s family holding a press conference 48 hours after her assassination. You could really truth the heck out of this one!

I just coined a couple of expressions & thought I’d add them to my glossary…here’s the first…

Truthing: the habit of spending endless time and energy figuring out “what really happened” and risk playing right into “their” hands as those who are awake are totally distracted, rooting around in the rabbit hole, mesmerized into inaction as we watch the promised totalitarian technocracy descend upon us.

Granted, it is absolutely critical to realize that the mainstream media is mostly if not entirely lies and that major events garnering 24/7 news coverage are virtually never what they appear to be. Real events will have their geneses (is that the plural of genesis?) misrepresented to serve the agenda but many of the events aren’t even real. Major events you see on the news are often: provocations, blowback, false flags, hoaxes, made-up-stories, stuff “they” let happen on purpose, etc.

I believe everyone should take at least one major event (specifically a terrorist attack or mass shooting) and track down the story until every detail is supported by real evidence. Real evidence must have documentation or a named, accountable source; an eye witness whose credibility you can personally assess, etc. Perhaps it will not be possible for you to verify any information in the story–in that case, dismiss the story. The burden of proof is on the reporter to demonstrate the facts–and, by the way, the analysis and conclusion should not be part of the core story.

All that said, I have noticed lately that many of these suspicious events have shoddy official narratives and mounds of contradictory evidence, often ridiculous, of family members laughing when they should be crying, photos of suspects in police custody who later end up dead (for example, Tamerlan Tsarnaev & the San Bernardino suspect), clearly false video, etc…I can’t help but wonder why the all-powerful surveillance/propaganda state allow this stuff out there & I am beginning to conclude that the truth itself can be a time-sink and a distraction.

While half the country is glued to Fox and CNN to absorb the official narrative, the other half is surfing youtube laughing at crisis actors who cry without tears. It’s possible revealing the truth is one way they are distracting us and even laughing at us, as we see what they’re doing and are powerless to stop it.

I am not a political activist, having believed that merely exchanging ideas and helping people see through the BS would dissolve the power of the overlords, but I’m rethinking this position. Ever since Michael called from John’s Creek to say that his town adopted the International Property Maintenance Code, I realized that not only is the globalization of government being crammed down from the top, which I can’t see a way to stop, but also we are being seeded at the bottom, which I do think we can at least slow. If you have specifics of local issues & local actions we can take, write them up and I will post them on my blog, facebook and twitter. Maybe this is a resource to look to as well…

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3 Responses to Truthing: New Glossary Entry

  1. futuret says:


  2. bradrad says:

    You know, I’ve always had my doubts about the intelligence of people who attempt to control large numbers of people. If they were, in fact, criminal geniuses(genii? lol) then wouldn’t they realize that what they are attempting isn’t possible? If you don’t believe me, look at any prison anywhere in the world where there is a high ratio of prisoners to controllers. Many and various attempts at rehabilitation and behavior control have been attempted(In some cases it’s downright horrifying what they’ve tried) only to fail miserably in every case. Even the ones I admire for their complexity have failed. It’s simply not possible to control a large population beyond the point which they wish to be controlled. It’s nature. It’s even impossible to tell the exact amount of control you can exert before you begin to lose it, because it changes, and it’s different for different people. That’s why I don’t take the whole “vast conspiracy ” stuff to heart. It’s fun, sure. It’s troubling to know the kind of destruction they will cause in an attempt to achieve it, but in the end, it will fail. The builders of babel will be confused, the empires will always crumble, even the great pyramids will eventually wear down to nothing.
    My best advice is to stay out of the way of the controllers of this world, leave them out of your life when you can get away with it, and when Rome starts to burn, be close enough to watch, and too far away to blame.

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