The Propaganda Report w/ Perez & Binkley – this week’s podcast!


barry_goldwater_on_trilateral_commissionThank you very much Brad Binkley for putting together a great podcast in lieu of this week’s show on WSB which is preempted for UGA football (Go Dawgs!!) The sound quality is not perfect (sorry, my bad)–it will be next time 🙂

We discuss TPP, Hillary’s Neo-Con Coming Out Speech, Trump & the Mob, Soros/BLM/Dallas, Colin Kaepernick & More!!! (I have a half a video that goes with this but I’m not sure we can get it to work…check back next week if you’re interested.)


For just the audio click here

Show notes (links to references made on the show)…

  • The following quote is from J. Fletcher Prouty (Oliver Stone’s deep throat in the move JFK) 1992 book JFK. For more on Prouty’s book, check out my review here.

During the postwar years, a number of important events took place as mankind was herded from the old era to the new….[Through the CIA], “peacetime operations” were carried out whether or not they were secret and whether or not they could be disclaimed plausibly, without benefit of a declaration of a state of war among the adversaries. This was an important shift. Any country–whether it was the United States or the Soviet Union, or even a smaller country, such as Greece or Israel–that employed its undercover forces in peacetime, within the borders of another country with whom it was not officially at war ignored and degraded the age-old concepts of the independence of nations and of national sovereignty.

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14 Responses to The Propaganda Report w/ Perez & Binkley – this week’s podcast!

  1. Anonymous says:

    The first video in the post requires a Youtube Account…. Can you fix that?

  2. Corey says:

    Would you or Brad consider uploading/posting a link to an audio only version of the show? I usually listen to your show on my phone, and YouTube stops playing when I have to lock my phone. 😦

    Regardless, it makes me happy to hear you on your off season!! Thank you Brad!!!

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