What are YOUR predictions for 2017?

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3 Responses to What are YOUR predictions for 2017?

  1. hugh says:

    The “Wall” will be built and Mexico will be paying for it! The “invasion” of our nation will stop!

  2. David Hancock says:

    – Liberals falling to pieces over Trump may backfire when it turns out he is not as bad as they believed, Trump may win another term.

    2017 in GA Gen Assembly:
    – Another Religious Liberty bill, but possibly identical to the Federal version Deal voted for when he was in Congress. Deal has said he would vote for a bill like that, McKoon and others may call his bluff.
    – Very well funded campaign for Casino gambling, 50/50 chance it will pass house/senate. Since is a Constitutional Amendment will go to GA voters next year, and if it gets on the ballot casinos will put so much money into advertising that current 53% approval will go up and probably win.
    – Several anti-illegal immigration bills based mainly on strong stand from Washington.
    – Another campus carry bill, maybe identical to last year’s version.

  3. goksrm says:

    Sean Hannity is found guilt of extorting millions from Bill O’Reilly leaving Monica Perez the hard decision of what time slot she wants to fill.

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