Russia Is the New Russia

Propaganda Report

“Radical Islamic Terror!!!” might not be quite complex enough to keep the trillion-dollar-a-year war machine going: (Re-)Enter Russia.

Several different propaganda memes are being used to demonize Russia from “annexing Crimea” to “hacking the election.” (Note well, however, I’m no Putinphile–he’s an eager participant in all this in my opinion-it makes him look strong and justifies his actions.) The demon this propaganda is creating will be used to justify various Constitution-busting measures here in the US from more of the endless undeclared war to neutralizing the Bill of Rights amendment-by-amendment.

This is the big picture of the puzzle, but the pieces are interesting too, and we’ll examine them as they unfold during the Trump administration. For example, when Obama came out with “sanctions” against Russia (not particularly toothy ones, FYI) in his final days, it seemed to me he was setting Trump up for a crisis that dare not go…

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