How To Get Around the Tenth Amendment & Effectively Nationalize the Police

Propaganda Report

policeI have long predicted that the nationalization of our police force (a stated goal of one of Obama’s top cops) would more likely come as a “normalization” of process, regulations, procedures, etc., through model codes or through quid pro quos just as highway funds were used to strong arm states into raising the drinking age to 21 even though health and safety have both been clearly adjudicated as falling under the purview of the states as per the Tenth Amendment. (Since then, Congress passed a law setting a national drinking age, which on the face of it sounds unconstitutional to me.)

I believe the Baltimore’s police department’s recent compromise with the federal government is a step down this path…

Justice Department and Baltimore Agree on Plan to Reform Policing
The deal follows findings of unconstitutional practices concerning African-Americans by the city’s police department  

With a week left in…

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