Trump Double Dog Dares the EU to Double Down

Propaganda Report

pol Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Donald Trump in typical depictions.

Binkley and I have speculated that nationalism and populism might be a psyop to scare the snowflake generation in the US and Europe into crying out for globalism and this article seems to support the possibility of such a crisis-reaction dialectic.

The European Union, as one of the regional columns of what is likely to be a global government, has been propped up over the past few years in several other ways: the EU’s sovereign debt crisis resulted paradoxically in calls for political union in light of the failure of monetary union alone as well as in a violation of the EU’s law not to monetize member debt by engaging in quantitative easing, and Italy saw it’s democratically elected president replaced by an EU banker-technocrat. In addition, as George Soros highlighted, tension with Russia will bring the EU together.


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