#WTWOF: Trump To Terminate Tweets?

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mcdonald-trump this one is fake

trump-jeb-tweet but I actually think this one is real

I read an article today in the WSJ about Trump supporters who are on the fence about him now. The article cited two different supporters who expressed concern about Trump’s tweeting. That struck me as odd. That‘s the thing that gives these Trump supporters pause? Also, it didn’t ring true to me, especially since in a recent conversation with one of my sisters she mentioned a few times that Trump’s tweeting is the thing she likes most about him. She feels it’s his end-run around the media and she loves it! It doesn’t get less fake–or more real–than @realDonaldTrump! So my “agenda alert” went off.

Are we being prepared for Trump to withdraw into the confines of the White House, loathe to give press conferences and now reining in the tweets? That’s what I thought at the…

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One Response to #WTWOF: Trump To Terminate Tweets?

  1. hugh says:

    Three cheers for Monica’s sister who appears to appreciate Donald Trump #45! I fully agree with her thoughts on Trump’s Twitter usage, and #45 will not abandon that approach, for the reason cited, in my opinion. I wish Monica would read and quote more from Alt-Right publications. The only reason I would buy a WSJ is if I had a pet bird and needed some cage liner! But then, perhaps Monica is doing opposition research…in that case it might make sense to view the WSJ to see what the Globalists are up to.

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