Show tomorrow Saturday Jan 21 4-6PM ET on WSB

Will Trump and Pence keep their oaths to defend the constitution? How? What will be the first compromise? Is that hope a fantasy?

comment here or tweet at me @monicaperezshow or call during the show 404-872-0750 or 800 WSB TALK

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6 Responses to Show tomorrow Saturday Jan 21 4-6PM ET on WSB

  1. hugh says:

    We are living in historic times. This recent election might have been the last chance we had to save the Republic. I do believe we are temporarily spared at this point. Lew Rockwell, a libertarian, has a contributor named Gary North, who has offered an excellent analysis of President Trump’s inaugural address. Here’s the link:

  2. J.Hary says:

    We are all sick of the ‘fake news ‘ debate the mockingbird press crammed down our throat – to conceal larger u.s. atrocities like the over 50,000 dead in Ukraine.

    In case listeners hadn’t heard ( we could use follow up news about Ukraine ) aide to German PM Merkel held a cable, an assessment by German intel (an estimate) of 50,000 Ukraine dead by CIA backed INSTALLED UN-ELECTED FASCIST Prez
    Porno-chenko regime which later as the war and shelling continued – the death toll grew to 60,000.

    We are sick of Lame stream media straw man articles and left wing blogs following their lead !

    Less tabloid news topics please, Monica.

    • austrogirl says:

      The call-in format at WSB doesn’t work well for deep topics that are not top of mind for people – that’s why I started Propaganda Report – I’m happy to talk about anything I can and will do it honestly and in depth as much as possible. I did a lot of honest reporting about Ukraine back in the day but I give up on foreign stuff sometimes because it feels hopeless to get through.

  3. J.Hary says:

    There is the perception out there that many radio outlets like CBS or Clear Channel pick the topics of the radio host for them, it was even a part of Art Bells contract !

    Thanks for listening. Episode 5 of Propaganda Report was especially great.

    Peace Monica !

    • austrogirl says:

      I have even asked my program director to pick topics for me because it’s actually hard for me to do since I have such little airtime –I don’t want to squander it! but he doesn’t …I’ve been amazed at how much latitude i’ve gotten. all i’ve ever heard is, say what you think is true, make clear what is fact and what is opinion, and don’t make people run away screaming–you’re there to keep them listening not chase them away! but some people like to hear stuff that’s shocking or disagreeable so i don’t even have to please people–just keep them on the hook til after the commercials 🙂 i’ll have to relisten to ep 5 – i hope that doesn’t mean we’ve been going backwards – i’ll have to up my game!

      • J.Hary says:

        That’s amazing Monica, glad to hear there is free speech left. We’ve all heard the story about Phil Donahue was fired from MSNBC for opposing Iraq. And this is a direct quote from Chris Mathews RE: Iraq “I was told (by MSNBC) to get on board, or get out.” So Chris was forced to vocally change his view to keep his job.

        The uniform support of print newspaper editorial boards across America was too conspicuous too be a coincidence – all favored regime change in Iraq and Syria.

        I’m not a journalist but when Obama was elected in 2008 , I did not write one unsupportive comment or make any critical comments to talk radio until his decision to escalate Afghanistan.I was sitting eating fries in my car and was shocked to hear the retribution from so called ‘Liberals’ and ‘Progressives’ on Air America Radio was swift and severe to ANY person, Democrat , Liberal, or Progressive who called in and voiced opposition to Obamas extended Afghanistan or Pakistan wars – this lady caller was cut off and yelled at (‘I can’t take you people’ she screamed) by Randi Rhodes, was curtailed by Pacifica Radio, and Democracy Now, and non-extistent opposition was heard on NPR or NYT. That is a Dictatorship ( I took a class on it) when you attack your own subscriber, donor base, cut them off or publicly berate them BEFORE they’ve made a comment. Shutting and closing the airwaves to an entire segment of the population is Totalitarianism.

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