Republicans Lobby for Basic Income Payment & Carbon Tax


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_89877107_235d896a-84a8-45f3-b4bd-5f3a2f063d24There is a certain elegance to the notion of the basic income payment. Of course, I hate it anyway. The idea is that people who can afford to pay taxes pay taxes and every single person gets a check from the government for basic necessities.

Let’s put it into numbers. Let’s say the governments of this country spend $5 trillion in redistributing wealth.

I consider much of defense spending redistributing wealth from the taxpayer to the corporations. The US spends as much on so-called defense as the rest of the world combined–that is not necessary for defense in “peacetime.” Let’s say a necessary amount would be as much as our ten biggest “enemies” combined. Also, I’m counting everything from public education to social security as wealth redistribution–after all, if you pay into your 401k or send your kids to private school, you’re paying your own way in this stuff and…

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One Response to Republicans Lobby for Basic Income Payment & Carbon Tax

  1. As much as I like the idea of basic income for all Americans for basic things like food, shelter, clothing, etc., the average American doesn’t have the ability to handle money in an intelligent way. Our economy is based heavily on people buying “stuff” and giving them extra money they didn’t originally have would ultimately have them finding loopholes to get access to that money. Case in point, I’ve seen personally someone on assistance use their card to purchase food, then take out the $200 cash they have available to them and buy cartons of cigarettes. That cash is supposed to be used for non-food items such as clothing. Our entire culture has to change in order for an idea of basic income to actually work.

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