“I tried.”

Propaganda Report

trump-shrug.jpegI had a friend once who used to say there’s no such thing as trying, only doing. I think he picked it up from seminars he used to attend. (EST I believe they were called.) It stuck with me. I stopped saying “I tried” pretty much altogether. You either do it or you don’t do it. You either figure it out or you don’t. “I tried” is a great way to stick to old habits and fail to accomplish goals without recognizing the cause that lies within you. It’s also a way to fail to accomplish something you were tasked with that you really didn’t want to get done. That said, it’s really not my thing to preach (I hope you agree with that!) and I think there are many ways to be successful (or better yet contented), but this particular perspective is relevant right now.

As soon as…

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