Clerical Error (a book review)

malachi-martin_medBinkley recently sent me a youtube video of an episode of Art Bell’s show from back in the day. The guest was talking about some crazy stuff that the military was allegedly doing in Montauk (Long Island) in the Seventies. This guy was way, way out there, but his depth of knowledge and the continuity of his narrative had me hooked – I still don’t know what to make of it.

The audio was so interesting, that I sent it to one of my brothers (George the Friendly Truckdriver) who had been in the Air Force during that period and was for a time stationed in Montauk. The guest was all about electrical experiments and George had become an electrician in the service. I figured he would find the discussion as fascinating as I did.

Here it is.

I was surprised at George’s response.

continue reading here:

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3 Responses to Clerical Error (a book review)

  1. Gail says:

    The Montauk Project was real. There are several good books written about it. One in particular was by a man who in his later years began to remember bits and pieces of the experiments that were done on him there. I read the book in the nineties but can’t recall the title. Amazon should have a catalog of books on Montauk.

  2. Chas says:

    I have so many questions – but here are just two: Sourcing? What credibility should we put into unsourced hearsay documents printed on the web? Also, why would a double-agent print articles that reveal his status as a double-agent, of which double-agent status is questionable in the first place as isn’t there an obvious connection between the church and the Jews anyway?

  3. Norman says:

    Monica ,
    I find most if not all conspiracy theory to be WORTHLESS once said propositioner brings up flying saucers , ghosts , Bigfoot etc etc like the coast to coast am crowd does. I think Art Bell himself though , knows that HE is part of the joke that he profits from. I always take you seriously Monica because you never delv into that ghosts , space ships , Bigfoot nonsense plus we know so many of the purely political conspiracy theory to be PROVEN true. On a side note ,, I have found many truck drivers to be smarter than the general public gives them credit for.

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